Posted by Amanda Nieves | 18 01 2022

The Time for Transparency About COVID-19 Origins is Now Originally published by Newsweek. This has been a good week for transparency—and a bad week for Dr. Anthony Fauci. New documents,...

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Posted by Amanda Nieves | 11 05 2021

  Did you know that your tax dollars were funding dangerous coronavirus experiments on animals at the notorious Wuhan Animal Lab? Or that you were forced to pay to implant...

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Posted by Arin Greenwood | 08 02 2018

He calls animal testing ‘taxpayer-funded torture.’ He got the FDA to listen by Bob Tedeschi, STAT News February 8 ,2018 In 1995, when Anthony Bellotti was 17 and slogging through...

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WATCH: WCW 1st exposed how Dr. Fauci wasted tax money on animal experiments that probably caused a pandemic. Now, taxpayers deserve a real lab leak investigation.