Posted by Arin Greenwood | 19 04 2021

The NIH IS GIVING YOU THE FINGER. When NIH-funded white coats implant fingers and femurs from aborted human fetuses into young mice and keep their spending a secret, we call...

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Posted by Arin Greenwood | 01 04 2021

This edition of Waste of the Week is about some taxpayer-funded experiments, in which: Scalps harvested from aborted human fetuses are transplanted onto mice and rats. Then sicko white coats...

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Posted by Arin Greenwood | 25 03 2021

In October 2019, White Coat Waste Project (WCW)—in collaboration with Pro-Life San Francisco, Americans United for Life, and Democrats for Life—exposed that millions of tax dollars were spent on cruel,...

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WATCH: WCW 1st exposed how Dr. Fauci wasted tax money on animal experiments that probably caused a pandemic. Now, taxpayers deserve a real lab leak investigation.