Posted by Amanda Nieves | 13 08 2021

  These cruel, tax-funded experiments included drilling holes into monkeys’ skulls to inject PCP into their brains — One Green Planet (@OneGreenPlanet) August 17, 2021 Since 2019, we have been...

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Posted by Justin Goodman | 09 12 2016

  Taxpayer-funded animal experimentation is un-American, and we have the data to prove it. Opinion surveys in recent years show Americans' growing opposition to animal experimentation, with the most recent...

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Posted by Justin Goodman | 30 10 2016

  It's truly scary how agencies from Veterans Affairs to the Environmental Protection Agency have been wasting your tax dollars to buy animal experimentation devices that wouldn’t be out of place in Dr....

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WATCH: WCW 1st exposed how Dr. Fauci wasted tax money on animal experiments that probably caused a pandemic. Now, taxpayers deserve a real lab leak investigation.