VIDEO: “Dogs ‘intentionally injured,’ killed” at Vets Affairs lab

Posted by Justin Goodman
30 March 2017 | Blog, POW, VA


Neighbors of the McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) in Richmond, Virginia had no idea that inside the facility puppies are forced to run on treadmills until they collapse in painful and deadly heart failure experiments.  That’s changed with White Coat Waste Project’s recent national exposé of abuses at McGuire VAMC including fatal botched surgeries on dogs by a “reckless” experimenter, oversight failures, and federal disclosure violations.

Award-nominated reporter Kerri O’Brien at Richmond’s ABC affiliate WRIC investigates the controversy for this in-depth segment, and discusses WCW’s bipartisan work with Congress to expose and end these taxpayer-funded abuses.

Join WCW, Congress and hundreds of thousands of fellow taxpayers by emailing your Members of Congress and asking them to end cruel, secretive and wasteful Veterans Affairs dog experiments.

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Killing dogs for whatever reason is disgusting.


This Government is totally out of control! Nazis is what is going on! U make me sick! Who could justify this! Why not us criminals that are. Hold molesters rapists and so on … this world is really in sad shape to ha e this go on


Get all those old bastards out of congress and the sense and let the people vote !

We are the voice of these poor creatures!!!

We must be the voice of these poor tortured creatures!!! Our government must stop this unnessary practice


Animal Cruelty is illegal and shouldn’t be allowed period!! That includes businesses, research, and Government agencies!!!

Would you do that to your dog? You are a ruthless, heartless and cruel pieces of dog poop.

This is not only cruel & horrific but wasteful!

I think that this is inhumane & unnecessary acts of cruelty! & is also wasteful of our tax dollars!

I think this is not only a new Maine but horrific cruelty to innocent dogs! And wasteful spending of our tax dollars!

This is a waste of time and money plus inhumane treatment of animals. It is wasteful use of government tax dollars and torture of animals. These people should be fired.

What is wrong with the Human Race!! What has happened to human decency. Just because you can DOESNT mean YOU SHOULD!

I am 100% behind our military and I am so very proud of them.But, there is no excuse for animal testing of any kind.I hope that the animal testing and experiments will stop now!Give all the money to help the vets by providing housing, medical and anything else that these brave men and women deserve!Stop spending money on animal testing and abuse and just give the money to the vets!

Animal cruelty is animal cruelty…. whether it’s a sociopath torturing animals or in the name of medical research!! Stop the animal cruelty!!!

What inhumane Humans!! Stop the Animal Abuse!!! Jkf

Stop this madness.

This is so WRONG.

Stop it.

Stop the abuse! I’m

Please stop this abuse to these beautiful creatures!!!

Please STOP Now! Thank you.

Sickening, cruel and idiotic!

Their is never a good reason for abuse!!!!

Taxpayers money that I d
Cannot control how spent

Please help stop these abusive practices to animals. They’re not fair, nor are they moral.

These cruel experiments on dogs must stop!

This is not only cruelty but a waste of money ?

Why would you do this to dogs ? They are loyal and

And help soldiers in at the front and in the field !

I find this disgusting. Thank you for keeping me informed.

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