BUSTED BY WCW: Tax-Funded Blind Beagle Mill at Michigan State University Violated Fed Law

Posted by Amanda Nieves
08 April 2024 | Blog


  • White Coat Waste is a Project to get the U.S. government out of the dog testing business
  • Documents obtained by WCW show that for at least 6 years, Michigan State University has been breeding dogs to suffer from a rare eye disorder and injecting experimental drugs into their eyeballs. The project has received over $8.5M in taxpayer’s money.
  • WCW has filed a federal complaint calling for this NIH-funded puppy experimentation lab to be defunded and detailing how it broke federal law by not disclosing how it spent taxpayers’ money

Recently, citing #BeagleGate and other White Coat Waste Project investigations, Democrats and Republicans in Congress demanded answers from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) cruel experiments on beagles.

Unfortunately, the NIH is back at it again. We just caught them paying white coats at Michigan State University (MSU) to torture even more beagles.

Our investigators have uncovered that the NIH has dished out over $8.5 million to MSU since 2018 to intentionally breed beagle puppies to suffer from vision disorders. As if that isn’t cruel enough, they also poke needles in their eyes, force them to perform vision tests, and eventually kill them all.

MSU Blind Beagle Mill

MSU’s disturbing taxpayer-funded puppy experiments uncovered by WCW include:

  • PURPOSE-BRED BLINDNESS: MSU white coats are intentionally breeding a colony of beagle puppies to be born with a degenerative eye disorder that causes severe vision impairment.
  • EYEBALL INJECTIONS: Then, they take a needle and inject it directly in the puppies’ eyes, delivering their experimental compound.
  • CRUEL VISION TESTS: If they’re not killed directly after receiving the injections, white coats test the puppies by implanting electrode contact lenses in their eyes, putting them in a dark room and seeing if they can escape, or bombarding them with constant flashing lights.

MSU white coats are mutilating the eyeballs of these innocent puppies and calling it “research.” This is not just an experiment, this is taxpayer-funded torture.

MSU Blind Beagle Mill

Confused puppies are dropped in a dark room and forced to find their way out – white coats sit back and watch, knowing very well that these dogs suffer from severe vision impairment.

Then, restrained by white coats, they’re exposed to continuous flashing lights shot directly into their damaged eyes.

MSU Blind Beagle Mill

We’ve also discovered that MSU’s wasteful white coats violated long-standing federal law by failing to publicly disclose how much taxpayer funding they spent on these redundant and abusive experiments on beagles.

We’ve filed a federal complaint calling for MSU’s puppy punishers to be investigated and defunded. You can read more details in our complaint below.

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