VIDEO: 100+ dogs at Richmond V.A. lab are “SET TO DIE”

Posted by Justin Goodman
22 May 2017 | Blog, POW


new analysis of documents obtained by White Coat Waste Project detailing painful taxpayer-funded dog experiments at the McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) has concluded that “mostly all of the canines involved in the project are set to die.”

Richmond ABC affiliate WRIC reports, “We found four projects, using 118 dogs, some as young as six months old. Most of the dogs are euthanized, and in some cases, their hearts were harvested.”

A veterinarian who was asked to provide an expert opinion on the approved applications for McGuire VAMC’s painful dog experiments told WRIC:

Our tax dollars are being spent on studies that are potentially inhumane and not necessary

Unfortunately, the nature of the experiments is that they are designed to lead to suffering for these dogs….Absolutely there is suffering involved

Watch the full segment below:

More than 300,000 people have written to Congress in support of WCW’s campaign to cut taxpayer funding for wasteful and deadly dog experiments. If you haven’t yet, email your congress members now.

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Please stop with the abuse!

Please stop these cruel procedures and let the dogs live and be adopted I do not want my tax money spend for thus horrible experiments

I don’t want my tax payer money going to torture ANY animal!

These animals don’t deserve this life you’ve forced them to endure. The experimnents give no helpful scientific data for the ANY of their “goals”


This is cruel, grotesque, and unnecessary. A complete waste of money, this should be the first casualty of Trump’s budget. But STOP it now. The money should be spent on veterans, not torturing dogs.

Stop killing. Stop experimenting on animals.

Stop this insanity the experiments are all unesssarry!!!

Do not allow this, it is wrong!!!

STOP the misery and suffering! These types of “experiments” are grossly outdated and unnecessary. Modern computer models have replaced these and are superior in what they can help us learn. Please use any and all compassion that you possess and stop this madness now. Thank you.

This is horrible & needs to be stopped…..NOW!

Animal testing is unnecessary and cruel! There are other methods of testing that do not involve animals.

Absolute murderers. This has to stop. We keep reinventing the wheel and taking beautiful lives. Enough

There are modern techniques for testing : computer based modeling, organ on a chip, micro tissue testing. Let’s make marvelous modern medicine MODERN…not using antiquated animal testing. Eliminate it from the algorithm completely.


Why are we torturing animals? Please stop this senseless violence.

Inhumane unnecessary AND Tax Payor Funded!

Stop this cruel waste

Please hault torture on man’s best friend!!!! End this unnecessary pain to such a loving creature as a dog. They deserve so much more!!!!!! Please do the right thing!!!!!

An unacceptably barbaric industry that is reminiscent of medieval theatres of cruelty. Makes me angry and nauseated. Only psychos would engage in these antiquated practices.

Please stop harming animals. They did NOTHING to deserve this!!! There are other ways!

These dogs absolutely should not go through this inhumaine disgusting procedure. This is NOT right and the dogs get sick and suffer. This needs to stop!!

Disgusting, cruel, horrible UN Godly. My God what on earth are you doing and why?? Are you willing to swap places with the dogs?? If not, then you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing to them.

They feel pain, they feel sadness, they feel love. Don’t do this to them. It’s cruel. It’s barbaric, it’s inhumane. You are taking their life away from them. They did not ask to be your guinea pigs. You should be ashamed of yourself. I can only pray that this comes to an immediate halt. No more dogs harmed or any other animals. No animals euthanized. Let these dogs live let them find loving homes. Your playing Good and that’s going to come down hard on you.

How many dogs does this research of terror and torture do they need? This MUST STOP!!!!!!!

Find them homes!!!! Stop testing!!!!!

Stop testing on these animals. It is cruel and wrong.

Unbelievable in the year 2017 that animal testing is still legal. It has been proven that it is not an effective method of testing. More importantly it is unconscionable that our society condones and accepts the breeding of animals solely to torture then kill.

Horrendous activities..please stop !!!! God will judge all of this n I hope it will happen soon…

I do not want my tax dollars supporting wasteful animal experiments.

This is wrong on every level

These poor creatures deserve to be happy and free. Please stop the abuse. This isn’t fair. They feel just like us. Put yourselves in that situation. It doesn’t make a difference wether you are human or animal. Both feel the same, except the animals have no voice to defend themselves

These acts of horrific cruelty are so wrong and government needs to step up and put a end to these acts. We are all beings of this earth and should and need to respect all equally ???

Stop this cruelty. No animal deserves this pain and suffering to supposedly find “cures” for humans! Why must they die for us to live?? Wrong, wrong, wrong on all levels!!! STOP THIS NOW!!!

Please stop this awful experiment. I don’t want taxes going to these cruel experiments.

What the hell are they thinking. Please stop this abuse. We shouldn’t have to send messages, it’s common sence.Dogs are suffering.

Please stop the animal testing at once!!!
I thought that we (United States) are better than China, South Korea and other countries that are killing and torturing dogs for meat consumption!! PLEASE STOP THE ANIMAL TESTING!!STOP THE CRUELTY ASAP!!! DO NOT USE OUR MONEY TO KILL INNOCENT, DEFENSELESS ANIMALS!! The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way animals are treated!! WHERE IS OUR GREATNESS AND OUR MORAL PROGRESS!!!!

So sad that u need to take there lives,
They do love, there loyal , trustworthy,
I pray that God intervenes , and open
Your hearts, and to look in there eyes
And ask yourself if this is what right??
Knowing that is so very wrong, to kill
Destroy, something that only wants to
Be loved ..
Please look at them and ask urself to
Get the answer they deserve…
Amen !!!

Heartless bastards all of you


Despicable. Shame on you!!!!!

Shame on you! This must stop!

Please STOP the insanity. Please let the dogs live out their lives in loving forever homes.

I think it takes a lowlife person to do what you’ve done,to these helpless animals. You apparently never had a moral up bringing, and your the scum of the earth

It takes sick minded people to abuse a living creature. I don’t give a damn if they do research or what. There is no excuse for suffering and flat out murder. Wasting tax dollars to murder! Needs to stop immediately!

We have got to get this stopped.It is a shame that they do this act any animals.There is no excuse to do such a thing come on people we got to get together and get the stopped now.

The people doing this are sociopaths!

This is inhumane. Please stop this tragedy now

It is such a shame that these poor animals need to be tortured for the sake of money.

Sickening and inhumane

Please stop this cruel abuse of dogs!

Stop the suffering!!

Animals deserve to be treated better. This is animal cruelty & cannot be aloud to happen. Stop this now!!

Something is wrong with our society….. this needs to be stopped immediately!! I am beginning to lose all faith in humanity & most definitely our “leaders”!! We need HARSH laws for the abusers of any of these & from now on I will only place my votes for the ones I believe will enforce this! Enough is ENOUGH!!

Please stop the abuse and.pain of these.
Poor animals. If you ever love an animal
May you be able to forgive the pain you have caused….

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