Congress, SPCA Urge VA to Adopt Out Lab Dogs

Posted by Justin Goodman
04 October 2017 | Blog, POW


Following a WCW exposé documenting that the Cleveland Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center experimented on and killed dogs it told reporters it “adopted out,” the VA is being urged to create a formal policy allowing dogs to be adopted out from its laboratories.

In a letter to VA Secretary Shulkin last week, Reps. Ted Lieu (D-CA), Dan Donovan (R-NY), Dave Brat (R-VA), Brian Mast (R-FL) and Dina Titus (D-NV) inquired about existing policies and procedures for releasing dogs from the VA’s experimentation facilities and encouraged Shulkin to adopt out healthy dogs to veterans. Read the full letter here.

Now, WRIC is reporting that the Richmond SPCA is urging the Richmond VA Medical Center–home to the VA’s most painful dog laboratory–to release its dogs to the rescue group.

Take a moment to write your Congress members and urge them to support the bipartisan PUPPERS Act to end taxpayer funding for the most painful dog experiments at the VA.

Blog Comments

The moral thing to do, the right thing to do is to cease all animal testing and put the wasted money on programs that have a proven record of helping our veterans, such as partnering with shelters to train service animals to assist veterans with PTSD. Letting those poor innocent and scarred creatures be adopted is the LEAST they can do!

Please let the dogs and cats be adopted and give them a chance to have some happiness in their lives.

This is a worthy cause that benefits the animals & veterans – so why not???

Please adopt out these dogs and stop the useless and needless suffering of animals

I appreciate my Rep Ted Lieu proposing this legislation and I urge other members of congress to get on board with protecting these poor animals that are used as lab rats to go and live a normal life and let them be adopted by people who want to love them and give them a good home.

Animal testing is barbaric and cruel and has absolutely no place in our society … especially the VA. Dogs are comforting service animals to many vets. Do the RIGHT thing and stop unnecessary and cruel testing and train these animals to help veterans! At last let them be adopted!

Please stop this let the dogs have life or or what’s left of there little lives. We can find homes.

It’s time you let these animals go and stop testing animals we can find homes for them for the life that they have left in them this is all over the United States and you need to do the right thing. And one of the right things is to help your bedroom I have lost limbs and your minds in fighting wars

These barbaric experiments on live animals must stop immediately. They are cruel, expensive, and COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY! Computer models have proven far more effective for these tests, and the enormous cost should go to programs that help vets directly. Finally, these people should be charged and punished for lying to the public about this ruthless slaughter or face lawsuits. Bastards.

Have a heart let them fill love you should be ashamed even doing testing on them.

It’s time that you people step up and look at the world through different eyes I guess..because this is cruelty and always has been..It’s time to stop..This is the same as if you were cutting your child you are cutting or abusing a animals child over and over …When you close your eyes at night put your baby in its spot .. Grow up..let them GO..

Make these dogs publicly available or to Vets. It is not fair that their lives are totally spent in abuse!! They need a loving home just like the rest of earth’ s creatures!!

Make these dogs available for adoption

Let these dogs free

To be human should mean that being humane is a given.

Please show compassion and let these dogs be adopted to loving homes.

Please end the painful experiments on these animals. Let these animals be adopted out by veterans. It would help the veterans so much. Please do this for them. The veterans fought for us to keep us safe now let them have one of these dogs to help with rehab and depression and PTSD

Despicable atrocity’s that need to be stopped

Please stop this cruelty to poor animals that trust humans and using tax payer money terrible

Let them go this is horrible

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