BREAKTHROUGH: VA Moves to Curb Dog Testing, Cancels Projects

Posted by Justin Goodman
14 March 2018 | Blog, POW

In the face of growing pressure from WCW, Congress, media, veterans, and other taxpayers, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has announced a new, expanded effort to curb wasteful and cruel taxpayer-funded dog experiments.

The VA reports that it has not approved any new dog experiments since last year, and that it is reviewing all ongoing projects with an eye towards phasing them out. VA also states that it intends to fund the development of alternatives to dog experimentation.

ABC Richmond has also confirmed that two new experiments involving dogs have been canceled:

The VA’s move comes just a couple weeks after Secretary David Shulkin reversed his opposition to reforms saying he doesn’t see a need for dog research, and AMVETS’s Sherman Gillums explained in the Washington Times why he has rolled-back his earlier support for VA’s dog tests.

The VA has a history of releasing false and misleading information about its dog testing–like when it denied using puppies, and claimed it “adopted out” dogs it actually killed–so WCW is proceeding with great caution until there are more concrete changes and commitments.

Military Times quoted Justin Goodman, WCW’s Vice President of Public Policy and Advocacy, saying:

“We’re cautiously optimistic that the VA will agree none of these wasteful projects deserve taxpayers’ support, as many veterans and leading veterans’ organizations have already determined and communicated to the VA and Congress.”

Help us cut the purse strings for VA’s dog abuse! Urge Congress to support the bipartisan PUPPERS Act to stop the VA from using your tax dollars to fund “maximum pain” dog experiments.

Blog Comments

Don’t use dogs for horrible acts. Don’t use anybody animal to gives death. Please!!

This us a deplorable practice!!!Also what do you mean, CURB, the practice,? This indicates Bit a stop, but slow down. Stop this practice all together!

Please stop all animal testing now! Far too many animals have suffered horrific abuse because of it.

This so wrong and horrible and needs to be stopped.

Not necessary and definitely cruel. Using taxpayers money to fund torturing animals when most are against it is crazy. Show some heart if not soul

Quit wasting taxpayer money

i am exploited as a human test subject for Pentagon/ NASA/ NIH/ corporate experimentation, R&D without informed consent and have ended up totally debilitated. One family dog was given CANCER (3) times – (3) surgeries and a tumor on his paw for MEDICAL – PHARMACEUTICAL ANIMAL ‘HEALTHCARE’ The entire family is targeted for nonconsensual human experimentation and physically destroyed for CORPORATE PROFIT with Congress doing nothing to stop the slaughter

there is no reason whatsoever to torture these poor babies!! there is no living thin that deserves this kind of treatment..

I support stopping taxpayer funded cruel and useless experiments on dogs.

Please stop

The alternatives to experimenting on dogs needs to be non-animal experimentation. The sooner the money dries up that is funding these barbaric procedures, and is used instead to further other forms of research, the sooner those avenues will start to see prolific results. It is the same reasoning that scientists used in stem cell research. At first it was claimed that they must use stems cells harvested from aborted fetuses. Now other stems cells are used. If the aborted tissue was off-limits to start with, the other methods would have been discovered and developed sooner.


Stop this cruel, wasteful disgusting “research” now and fund better non-animal tests that help our vets!


Don’t make animals suffer

I think this is great news – finally!


why test on animals when we have child molesters and rapist no one cares about them so test on them

Please stop these cruel and unnecessary animal experiments immediately.

So cruel ,pure brutality there is no need for this ,what so ever stop murdering these animals

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