This week, the Cleveland VA plans to kill 3 puppies with your tax dollars

Posted by Justin Goodman
01 April 2019 | Blog, POW

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is about to receive more puppies to abuse and kill in taxpayer-funded experiments. According to VA documents obtained by White Coat Waste Project through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), a shipment of three hound puppies as young as 9 months old is set to be delivered to the notorious Cleveland VA laboratory on Thursday, April 4, 2019.

The VA is spending $6,000 of your money to buy these three dogs for nightmarish taxpayer-funded experiments in which it cuts into these puppies, damages their spinal cords, and then kills them for wasteful experiments.

This is the same government facility that WCW exposed for killing “shy” and “friendly” puppies that it told the public were “adopted out.”

Click here to tell the Cleveland VA to cancel this shipment of puppies and end these experiments!

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Stop abusing animals under the word
Research, shut it down
Animals have NOTHING to do with
Human diseases/ deficiencies

Research is a synonym for animal abuse!


I will not donate to any Veteran Admn charities until I know all experiments have ended!!

Stop using Tax $$ To pay for animal torture/experimentation

Stop this torture . now

Stop it

stop killing animals!

Cancel shipment of puppies and end these wasteful experiments with our taxpayer dollars. Stop with cruel and unnecessary murder if innocents.

Please stop the worthless experiment!!!

In GODS name dont kill puppies. They are little angels

The barbaric and inhumane act of experimenting on animals in this day and age is disgusting and unacceptable!

Stop this practice, there is no justification

End this testing now!

sadistic and vile!

Cleveland Save will be putting on a vigil for dogs the Saturday after the dogs are being delivered. This was planned out over a month ago so we are going to stick with that date. We will, however, be heading down there on Thursday as well, now that we know this information. Thank you!

This is beyond sickening. Karma plays nasty games…

Stop it now!!!

Stop killing age torturing these animals. This is disgusting.

Like the idea of collaboration among different groups. More is needed to stop
secretive university and government experiments on animals. Keep going. Thank
you so much for your painful work

What goes on behind closed doors must be stopped. These puppies are put through horrendous experiments all in the name of research. These so called experiments do not help human beings, they just help some sicko scientist get his jollies!!!

It’s been proven that animal testing doesn’t work and that there are better, non-lethel methods of testing. It’s hypocritical to criticize other countries for not observing animal rights while we don’t ourselves.

Please email your congressional rep and tell them to support HR3197 the Puppers Act of 2017. It would end experimentation on dogs. It’s a start!

stop it!

Monsters! Experiment on yourselves! The ghoul stops here!

Please do not use my tax money for animal testing.

Wait! $6000 for 3 DOGS?! No matter what they plan to do, they are already overpaying! Who says that’s okay?! These innocent animals only provide love to those willing to love them. They will provide a lesson to those who don’t. When these “educated scientists” wake up someday, they will live with a boatload of guilt, that I hope lasts a lifetime.

These people who make their living will never have any guilt about what they have been doing …just hope that one day their kids will make them realize that they have lost all respect for them for what they have done to innocent animals……and all for no reason since most of the data shows that the info doesn’t relate to humans at all. Surely these scumbags know this.., but they want to keep their jobs no matter how many animals they kill and maim…and put through such unbelievable torture….pls google experiments on monkeys and dogs…..just SICKENING !!!! How do they sleep at night ?? They simply have no empathy towards these precious animals…and hopefully they will all lose their jobs and paycheques !!! PLEASE MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD FOR THESE PRECIOUS SUFFERING SOULS. !!!

Being a good Christian, or any religion, is having compassion for people and animals.

My tax dollars should NOT be used for the torture that occurs under the guise of research! Put an end to this barbarism and stop that shipment of innocent animals.

Leave these innocent animals alone …..Stop these hideous experiments!

Experiments need to Stop on Dogs, Cats, other small animals! Use the prisoners in death row, ket their lives be useful to mankind! Leave the Animals alone!!!!!!

These experiments on animals need to stop now.

Sick mother fuckers all of you need to be in jail and anyone else who might be involved!!!

Stop the cruelty, abuse, & inhumanity. These experiments hurting innocent animals must stop now! Find them loving homes instead! Shame!

Why don’t you just experiment on yourselves…maybe you will then appreciate what you put these poor animals through. You are disgusting, shame on you.

Monstrous and unethical for what purpose…there is no purpose in what is being done other than torture of poor defenseless animals, no data can be obtained other than how much pain that can be inflicted, truly disgusting yielding no worthy data.

Stop this sadistic abuse om the sweet creatures and find your humanity again!!

Stop this cruelty. No need for this at all. Shame!!!!

This is NOT necessary!

Stop doing this, it’s disgusting and useless

Please stop abusing torturing n killing innocent puppies dogs n animals please

Stop this cruelty ! These animals don’t deserve this kind of treatment 🙁

stop this unnecessary practice immediately

Stop this insanity

Why is this necessary,,why these dogs deserve to have loving home this is cruel and it disgust me stop this crusty,now

Stop kill just because you can and you do not want prove to what you all do .

All this animal testing, abuse and suffering has to end!!! Nothing deserves to be treated like this. Pleaae stop the killing!!!

In vitro testing is and has always been understood to be – superior to animal testing. But the animals meana a big budget. Big budgets mean- that ‘researchers’ – et al – can holiday at the Bia Ritz. Sadly workers in this industry just can’t flesh out enough dollars to make the coast of France – doing in vitro. Is this a business? Yes.
Is this business good for Americans who suffer from critical problems? No. Relatively – no. But it’s great for research workers. They get nice holidays. And if best – most viable – most effective treatments are not typically the result of animal testing while misery suffering death of lab animals – is guaranteed – oh well.

Time Is Now For A Change Of Heart!

Una Sociedad que utiliza la matanza de animales no merece llamarse civilizada.

Please stop this cruelty and adopt them to good homes.

These puppies are put through horrendous experiments all in the name of research except there is no evidence that these experiments help human beings. The desired information needs to be gathered in a different way, so that innocent puppies are not tortured before being killed.

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