HUGE: WCW Cuts Wuhan Animal Lab $ After VIRAL Exposé

Posted by Arin Greenwood
17 April 2020 | Blog

UPDATE (4/28/20): Following WCW’s explosive exposé, the Trump Administration has officially cut funding for animal experiments at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and requested that over $300,000 0f remaining 2020 funds be returned.

Original post (4/17/20)

Holy cow, do we have some exciting news! At Friday night’s Coronavirus Task Force briefing–just one week after we released our blockbuster international exposé–President Donald Trump promised he’d end the government’s funding of dangerous, cruel and wasteful animal experiments at the Wuhan Institute of Virology!

This incredible announcement comes after we uncovered how the National Institutes of Health (NIH) was shipping millions of your tax dollars to China’s controversial Wuhan Institute of Virology for animal experiments—including experiments on coronavirus-infected bats that the State Department warned posed a pandemic risk.

We are grateful to President Trump for his swift and decisive action, Secretary Alex Azar for his leadership, and to Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) for leading Congressional efforts to ending this reckless use of tax dollars. We also thank WCW advisory board member Louise Linton for her outstanding advocacy.

And thank you to you, for signing petitions and advocating and letting lawmakers know that you care about ending federal spending for wasteful and cruel animal testing in China.

If you haven’t yet, sign our petition to cut all future government funding for animal tests at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

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Thank you

Should have never been given money 💰 from beginning
Glad to hear funding stopped

Not surprised

Biden’s son was in China in 2017. China has proven many times over not to be our friend. Look at un votes , look at military expansion and building of bases in South China Sea. Look at our indebtness to China. We borrow money and then return it in grants. I am glad to have a president that thinks and actions things in the best interest of American people. I hope congress can get it right one day and think America first. I have little hope that democrats will ever do the right thing.

All animals need to be removed from those countries who do this horriffic thing!! Id like to send thier country and all of the others who do this to Uranus!!


THANK YOU TRUMP and supportive lawmakers for having the gumption to stand up to Communist China. I hope this pandemic also results in ALL U.S. businesses pulling out of China and stop this “Made in China” virus. That country has the most horrific animal abuse, cruelty, and torture to think of. I thought their religion of Buddhism advocated harmony and peace with nature. Doesn’t seem to be that way,

I’m so happy President did the right thing by defunding the Wuhan experiments on animals. Thank you. Look for US companies who use animals in experiments.


This should have never happened. When I saw their name on list, I stopped donating. Show the again whe all is completed. They will continue but not with our money, I hope. Waiting till you are completed.

I’ve owned bagels for 40 years what I seen made me so sick I threw up. The poor little beagle puppy they cut out your voice so you couldn’t hear them cry for help prospecting is packed. I want Frankenstein fauci head in a box and sand flies all over his face but don’t cut out his vocal cords I want to hear him scream bloody murder I want to hear him cry for help

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