FDA launches effort to replace dog tests, adopt out dogs

Posted by Justin Goodman
16 November 2018 | #GiveThemBack, Blog

While agencies like the Department of Veterans Affairs drag their feet and stall efforts to reduce wasteful government animal experiments, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is setting the standard for how it should be done.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has just announced a robust plan to develop a test to replace deadly experiments on dogs and to adopt out 27 dogs from the FDA’s taxpayer-funded labs.

As reported by Business Insider, Independent Journal Review, and others, the laudable effort follows ongoing advocacy by lawmakers, WCW and its supporters. This summer, 28 bipartisan lawmakers working with WCW urged the FDA to retire dogs and other animals from its labs, and over 400,000 WCW supporters have since asked the agency to do the same. Since 2016, WCW and its members have been actively campaigning to end dog experiments at FDA and other federal agencies.

The announcement is the second major move by FDA this year to reduce its animal testing following WCW campaigning.  Earlier this year, it canceled nicotine addiction experiments on young squirrel monkeys and retired the primates to an accredited sanctuary.

You helped make this happen! Now, help us end all government dog testing. Take a moment to write your Congress members and urge them to support the bipartisan PUPPERS Act to cut federal funding for the VA’s most painful dog experiments.

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Lets stop this & be good to nature!

where are all these dogs going to go
I can take one if you are looking for homes for them
I am an animal lover and have devoted part of my life to their welfare
Volunteer with 3 animal rescue organizations doing all pro bono work for them

Stop this unnecessary testing.

Stop what you’re doing!! All animals feel and love just like the human race. They are no different – and we owe it to them to look out for their well-being, not ours at their expense.

God’s creatures are here for a reason and those whom viloatw in this life will suffer for it in the next.

Let these dogs be adopted and have a home. Stop these cruel experiments.

End this Evil behavior now

Some deadly experiments. Some?. Not good enough!

Please don’t kill these dogs/Let them live and get adopted out to good homes with love and caring for them/ That is the right thing to do in this case. Matt Rosa

Please stop testing on these animals! It’s unnecessary and plain cruel! They deserve to live their lives and has rights to live as much as human beings do!

There is NO need to test live animals when there are so many computer models. This is cruelty big time. These people need to ask themselves ‘would I do this to myself?’ Their answer would be no so they should be forcibg it on animals!!


Can you please let me know how to go about adopting one of these dogs. Thank you.

No dog should be experimented on !!! They all deserve loving peaceful homes. In this day and age there is no reason for it. Other ways to test products, drugs etc that don’t involve hurting any animal. Please stop this practice NOW

Please have mercy on these innocent, sentient creatures!!!

1 small step in the right direction, but not enough! ALL testing on animals must be stopped


Support the bipartisan PUPPERS Act to cut federal funding for the VA’s most painful dog experiments.

About time to do the right thing.

Please follow what the FDA is doing…in adopting out dogs from lab funded experiments. The VA should do this as well. We need more signatues to accomplish our goal.

What about cats.I am passionate about all these cats .They are special with each their own personalities.They deserve to be adopted out just as the same as dogs.Please help them .Thanks.

Absolute torture. Painful experiments on living creatures should not be happening, more so in the United States and on taxpayers dollars!

No animal should be used for any test. I have dogs of my own and would be very very mad if someone used them for lab experiment.

Come on va. Step.out of the dark ages. There must be some persons benefiting from this cruelty monetarily. It should not be so. There are many valuable alternatives to using these sweet dogs. This is truly pathetic.


Please stop using dogs in your labs and allow people to adopt them

The dogs deserve to live!

It sad most people are so discussting how
They treat animals they should adopt these
Dog out were they won’t be experienced on no more

Research on animals is outdated, not accurate & inhumane! It’s time to end it!

I am very sad that they use these dogs for experiments. These dogs are pets for children and adults. If I could afford them, I would adopt them all so that they can live a healthy dog’s life. I think that they can give them to people who want these dogs as pets, not to kill them for experiments. Love to the people who can afford to adopt them.

STOP dog testing NOW! How cruel and we hate to see these poor animals suffering!!!!!!!

Adopt out all these innocent dogs who are currently in the labs. Next move quit using dogs for testing period!!!

Thank God – now the VA needs to do the same & stop animal cruelty that no taxpayer wants to support !!

Despicable to use these animals in lab tests. Any animal for that matter!

bipartisan PUPPERS Act to cut federal funding for the VA’s most painful dog experiments.

No dog should ever be experimented on. They all deserve loving peaceful homes. Please support the Puppers Act

No animal deserves this treatment, please free all lab test animals.

Please stop testing on animals and let people adopt them and give them the love they should have always had

Stop animal experiments. These are unethical. Thank you

Follow the FDA lead. End dog testing now.

Please stop testing on animals and send them for adoption

I want to adopt one of these precious dogs!!!!

We need now to get these poor dogs out of these cruel and vicious experiments in the labs that we pay for. For God’s sake stop the insanity and adopt them out!

Please end these unnecessary experiments. The medical industry has demonstrated that there are now better ways to conduct tests without using animals!

Please stop this cruel and inhumane torture immediately. This does nothing to help gain knowledge for human beings. Since there is no benefit to gain, it should unequivocally be stopped.

These cruel and inhumane tests do absolutely nothing as far as gaining knowledge to help human beings. Therefore, they should be stopped immediately.

I am willing to rescue and adopt any of these dogs.

How many animals have been tortured and gone to a horrible death for Bogus Science? To put money in some sadistic morons pocket?? Please stop this NOW!!!!

Such exciting and long over due news to know the FDA is going to allow the lovely and innocent dogs to be adopted out from lab funded experiments. I am not surprised the VA is not in agreement, for after all, they do not even take care of their own. When the devoted and dedicated serviced personnel who have returned from duty to try and get back into the stream of every day life, the VA is not even there to help. It takes months for an individual to even get in for needed and proper treatment. and they certainly do not make any changes to make it better. More so, it has been proven how a trained and skilled service dog can absolutely change a life for the better, and they do not assist in helping to make that happen. Financial assistance should be provided, as well as connecting with service dog organizations so they can work together. It is a very viable solution, but it seems that most of the government agencies are not pro making things better for the hard working citizens,, and especially for those who have served duty.
Perhaps they should try to place the dogs who have not lived a normal and fulfilled life, with individuals who have returned from overseas. It would be a win win.
VA, get on the ball, and do something worthwhile and compassionate.
Nicki Lucas

please stop the testing there are plenty of criminals u can use thanks

There are not ours to do whatever we choose to do to them. Please stop torturing and hurting them for nothing. Your tests are meaningless.

I do not consent


End torture of these sweet animals, adopt them out now!

Please stop ALL animal testing.

How do I adopt?

I have a noncurabke autoimmune disease since childhood & I don’t want any any animal ever sacrificed for me! You have so many other tools for discovery & testing there is NO NEED to harm animals!

Please follow what the FDA is doing…in adopting out dogs from lab funded experiments. The VA should do this as well.

Stop it

Humanity my arse

We can’t allow this kinda thing any more,we are better than this.


when I was 13yrs old I started petition against these cruel pointless experiments but unfortunately 50yrs on they still continue without any human related breakthrough. Drug companies, universities etc still continue to use these poor animals. I despair that we have not used the other ways of testing without it being on animals. There are other ways that are more relative to humans for checking drugs and products but we continue to exploit the animals

in this age of computer science, why oh why would they use a non-human species to test drugs if there are ORGAN CHIPS available for computer testing that are MUCH MORE ACCURATE AND REPRESENT HUMAN ANATOMY. i am not a dog…

Kudos to the FDA to make a compassionate decision to end these horrific and unnecessary dog tests and find homes for these dogs. I truly hope and pray these dogs find a comforting and loving home to live the rest of their days out in peace. NOW, the VA needs to follow suit and get with it! It is unethical and inhumane and we should not sit by, idly letting it happen.

This is such a horrible thing for these animals, and should NOT be going on, use a human, they can speak for themselves, don’t torture an animal with no voice, Horrible, inhumane and not needed anymore

I hope they’ll be careful about how they adopt these animals out so they don’t end up as bait dogs for dog fighting activities or abusive homes. They’ve suffered enough.

I’m interested in adopting, what is my next step? Can’t find much information from the FDA website so hopefully the FDA is taking steps to succeed. Thank you

Please place me on the list for adoption.

Please stop using animals for experiments and send animals that were used for experiments for adoption. Thank you

gli esperimenti sugli animali si sono rivelati inutili e dannosi per aiutare l’uomo, basta torturare e uccidere animali innocenti, la tecnologia da l’opportunità di eseguire esperimenti più utili e sicuri allo scopo

In my recent research, I’ve discovered that animal testing has proven to be unreliable, painful, and unnecessary. In labs, animals are often treated inhumanely with immobilizing restraint and physical abuse, often resulting in no gained medical knowledge. Ninety-percent of human clinical trials fail after non-human testing is completed because humans do not always react the same to oral and topical medications, cosmetics, surgery procedures, etc. as mice, dogs, rabbits, cats, and primates. Diseases such as HIV and cancer were successfully treated in primates and mice, respectively, but failed to do the same in humans. Medications, such as Vioxx, tested successfully in animals but then proved harmful to humans. A single ibuprofen can be fatal to a canine, but humans can have several. Xylitol is a common, frequently consumed sweetener for people, but is fatal to dogs. It is dangerous and foolish to continue these tests if the goal is to improve human medicine.
Billions of dollars are spent on animal testing each year, made possible by the purchasing of lottery tickets, payment of taxes, donations, and more. Instead, it is my opinion that those funds should be used to advance alternative, more accurate testing options; such as in vitro or computer subjects.

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