Veterans in Congress Want VA Dog Testing Suspended

Posted by Justin Goodman
14 February 2019 | Blog, POW

Last year, following pressure from White Coat Waste Project, Congress, and veterans, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) spent $1.3 million of taxpayers’ money to commission an independent review of its wasteful and cruel dog experimentation program.

Now, Ted Lieu (D-CA) and Lee Zeldin (R-NY)–Air Force and Army veterans, respectively–are leading a group calling on the VA to stop wasting money on questionable experiments and suspend all of its ongoing dog testing until the National Academies of Science review is complete in 2020. Reps. Lieu and Zeldin have both been staunch advocates against the VA’s dog experiments.

In their letter to VA Secretary Robert Wilkie, Reps. Lieu and Zeldin–joined by Reps. Nanette Barragan (D-CA), Brendan Boyle (D-PA), Steve Cohen (D-TN), Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Ann Kuster (D-NH), Brian Mast (R-FL), Dina Titus (D-NV), Jackie Walorski (R-IN), and the late Walter Jones (R-NC) who sadly passed away earlier this week–wrote:

As you are aware, the VA has already canceled several invasive dog studies that it initially approved after a secondary review revealed the availability of alternatives or that the work was otherwise unnecessary. We believe that the National Academies will find this to be the case for other current VA dog experiments as well. In the meantime, it would be inappropriate to use taxpayers’ money, dogs, and other VA resources for research that may ultimately be deemed wasteful and scientifically unjustifiable.

Urge your Congress members to cosponsor the bipartisan PUPPERS Act to permanently cut federal funding for all painful dog experiments at the VA.

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[…] the Department of Veterans Affairs to the National Institute of Health, taxpayers foot the bill to the tune of $15 billion per year for slaughtering kittens, injecting monkeys with deadly […]

[…] the Department of Veterans Affairs to the National Institute of Health, taxpayers foot the bill to the tune of $15 billion per year for slaughtering kittens, injecting monkeys with deadly […]

I work hard for my money. I would like to see it go to programs that actually work. I.e programs that help with rehabilitation for disabled vets, programs that help with tbeir emotional and psychological well being. Im an American this is my money and I have no say where “MY” money goes. Whats wrong with this picture?!?

Dogs are pets family members and loyal friends! Ther deserve to be treated with respect and love! Stop all experiments on animals now!!!!!

I truly had no idea that our military is torturing dogs, There is no reason in this world that you should be testing anything on dogs, what are you testing for ? if not cared for they die, If shot or blown up they die, If loved and cared for they will give their life for you, what more does the military need to know ? I am appalled that you think you have the right to test on anything ? There is no longer the need to be barbaric to animals. I demand transparency for any and all testing done on any living thing….NOW. Next I demand the same testing done on the people that have approved and actively participate in testing the animals. Rule of thumb….If you would not do this testing on yourself or your children, then do not do the testing on other living creatures.

Thank you for posting the phone number to call Congress to stop the Puppers Act. I called and my voice was heard. Thank you for helping me do that. Now let’s get that law passed and help our veterans with their healthcare instead of wasting it on useless, outdated and very painful dog experiments!!!!!!

I agree with AJ. Test on yourself if you must. Leave the Animals alone. They are not stuffed with cotton , they are alive and they have feelings.

This is horrible!!Please stop using defenseless animals for painful experiments now!!

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