USDA Kitten Slaughterhouse survivors meet lawmakers who saved them

Posted by Daniel Lopez
29 July 2019 | Blog, Featured

When White Coat Waste Project shut down the USDA’s kitten slaughterhouse earlier this year, the agency committed to adopting out the 14 cats who remained in the shuttered lab. Now, some of the lucky survivors got to meet the lawmakers who helped win their freedom after years locked in a federal laboratory.

Last week, as first reported by NBC News, the WCW team brought Petite and Delilah, two of the breeder cats retired by the USDA, to visit KITTEN Act leaders Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Congressman Brian Mast (R-FL). Delilah immediately warmed to Sen. Merkley, who told her, “I’m so glad you’re freed.” Rep. Mast told us, “it’s nice to have you bring them in here, and to see the results of a little bit of the work that we got to do out there.”

Sadly, retirement is not yet an option for virtually all 50,000 animals suffering in government laboratories. That’s why WCW is working with Congress to ensure all animals abused in government labs have a chance at the happy ending Petite and Delilah got.

Urge your Congress members to support Violet’s Law (aka the AFTER Act) to give a second chance to animals that endured the abuse in wasteful government experiments!

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The President and the Senate can STOP these inhumane experiments with the stroke of a pen.
Does anyone know how he feels about animals ???
Thanks and Blessings to those who saved these innocent animals from al ife of torture

President Biden and the First Lady love animals. They have just adopted a little farm cat, who they have named Willow. They also have a couple of dogs. I cannot understand why President Biden doesn’t end all the animal suffering. I find this disappointing.

Animals don’t need to go thru any type of pain, they are pure innocence. The cruelty and testing must end !

The cruelity must stop!!


Please stop this. Its not right

About time. Thank you.

Please free all the animals our government has been torturing.

Stop hurting animals in the name of “Science”

Give ALL the animals a chance at a good life!!!!!!!

Please shut down all Government Labs that use animals for testing. These are horrible unecessary Labs where pain, suffering and death occur to innocent animals that don’t deserve it. Please retire all animals that are in these Labs now and let them get adopted out to live a happy life that they so desperately deserve. Thank You!

Set them free!

No, the animals have had too much human contact. Setting them free into the wild would be a death sentence, send them to loving homes

My taxpaying money is not authorized to fund something “I do not support!” This is not acceptable. God did not create any animal for cruel mistreatments.😢😡

Please do what is right and free every dog, cat, etc. from any lab they are in. Every one of the deserve to know love at a good home or even at a santuary.
Thank you for doing what is right.

Don’t stop there. Please shut down all of the cruel torturous labs. These innocent souls don’t deserve to live in fear and pain on a daily basis. The idea that some lives matter less is the root of what is wrong with this world. You have the power to end so much needless suffering. Please help the ones still being tortured.

Close all Labs. There is no reason in hell that these people need tp be resting on animals the way they do. Its terrible, and disgusting, awful, and cruel. There are other ways that they can do testing. Do the fricken research.

I support Violet’s Law 100%. No animals should ever have to endure the abuse by being a test subject in any Lab.

Free animals from labs

The suffering of these animals needs to end now

How we treat the least of us is a direct correlation on the TRUE “Greatness” of a Nation…

The animals deserve to be set free.

Thank you to everyone who are fighting for the rescue of these poor animals. Don’t these people know that animals do not have the same make up of humans and as a consequence much of the experiments are useless.

God bless these animals. Free them to good homes.

Do the right thing. The animals can be loving and a comfort to someone. Give them a chance to know what love and caring means PLEASE.

As a taxpayer, I don’t support these experiments at all, from beginning to end.
No animal needs to be subjected to these cruel experiments. There has to be another way. Progress made in medicine at the expense of helpless animals is not progress at all.

I can not even imagine subjecting a defenseless, trusting animal to the worst of diseases for any reason. These Loving creatures are at our mercy, just like an infant depends on his/her mother and father for food and protection from all that is harmful. Maybe some people need to be reminded of these facts on a regular basis. Hopefully one day they will understand the cruelty that is being perpetrated upon these beautiful beings and join the rest of us to stop this senseless torture. They MUST TAKE PAUSE AND LOOK INTO THEIR EYES AND THEN THEY WILL REALIZE WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS WRONG.

Words cannot describe the joy in seeing these two brave cats finally free from a world of pain endured in a government lab. It gives us all hope for those who are still waiting to be freed from the same horrors of any lab. Thank you, Senator Merkley and Rep. Mast for having the courage to move this forward towards victory.

Thank goodness we are moving forward! Please stop the testing and killing.

So very happy to know that these “cat” labs have been closed and that the cats are being adopted out! That is a huge victory! I wish that they had included the dogs with the cats as they were passing these laws. If they were able to get the cats their freedom and adopted, why aren’t the dogs being given their freedom and chance at adoption, as well? Please close all animal testing facilities in the United States and particularly the ones that are paid for with taxpayers money. Thank you!

I’m wondering who authorized these painful, torturous, horrific, useless experiments…I
DON’T want my tax dollars paying for these horrific experiments!

Dr. Fausi approved all this mess, giving millions of tax funded money to the labs without our knowledge. Dr. Fausi and others involved shold have their heads inserted into mesh bags and let the sand flies chew on them and have their vocal cords cut so we can’t hear them cry out in pain.

Kitten slauterhouses are terrible.

Free all animals from all labs.

Can’t believe animal testing still takes place. These unfortunate critters should be given a complete reprieve and shown some love and respect. Animals need a loving home.

Thanks for update on positive news, but we do need to explore the necessity and reliability of painful experiments that may not be useful and inflict needless and unwarranted misery on lab animals. So much testing can be simulated with technology. Why continue barbaric practices?

These are living things. Their lives are precious. They need to be freed.

I support Violet’s law!!!
I believe in animal rights!
I believe in human rights!
I hate speciesism!
Miriam form Italy

So happy to hear the news ❤️

Stop the unthinkable horrors and let these poor survivors be adopted by loving families!!!!!

Your sickening practices of the past cannot be forgotten and you cannot be allowed to continue with your abhorrent practices on animals

These experiments need to stop! Animals are not ours to torture! There loving and trusting and loom what they do to these poor animal!!!!!

Please no more suffering for these living feeling souls. Thank you for saving all these cats and kittens, but all the rest need rescued too. They deserve to be saved and cherished.

If you are cruel to animals you cannot be a good person.


Stop all animal cruelty all over the world. More laws for animals!


People who commit animal cruelty should be punished by law.

Its sad to think we voted these people in office the same people that promised to look after our interest. GOD HELP US ALL if any of us gave them the idea we wanted them to spend our tax dollars on TORTURING INNOCENT ANIMALS and now they won’t believe us when we ask them we want them to the TORTURE.

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