Media 💩 Storm: WCW Campaign to End VA’s Taxpayer-Funded, Cat-Stipation Experiments Is Big News!

Posted by Arin Greenwood
14 August 2020 | Blog, VA

🔥🔥”The Veterans Administration is doing things to cats that would land an individual in jail, and you’re paying for it.”🔥🔥

That’s the first line in the Nevada Current’s great story about White Coat Waste Project’s new investigation, revealing how the VA is purchasing, crippling, and killing 6-month-old kittens in secretive constipation experiments… to the tune of more than $11 million in taxpayer dollars. 

Holy 💩, the press is taking notice!

Here’s how WCW whipped up the 💩 storm that’s taking over the airwaves … and Capitol Hill.

(Hint: we do it in 3 steps. Think “F.E.D.”)

Step #1: FIND the waste.  First, we follow the money.

WCW’s investigators filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain the VA’s secret lab videos, photos, and receipts.

Step #2: EXPOSE the waste. Then, we leaked proof how three VA labs are buying kittens at taxpayer expense, injecting fake stool up their anuses, severing their spinal cords, and removing their brains.

Now media is all over this outrageous misuse of taxpayer funds.

Here’s, quoting our VP Justin Goodman:

Since at least 2015, the Cleveland VA has been “torturing cats as young as 6 months old in disturbing constipation and incontinence experiments,” which involve implanting electrodes to stimulate their bladders or colons, injecting artificial stool, and snapping their spines, said Justin Goodman, vice president of advocacy and public policy at the White Coat Waste Project, in a statement.

Most of the test subjects exhibited “distress, seizures, bloody urine, and even depression,” an analysis of the medical records showed.

Step #3: DEFUND the waste. Of course, raising awareness isn’t enough. So WCW immediately rallied 30 powerful Members of Congress to put the VA on notice.

Now these Democrats and Republican lawmakers are getting great coverage—in their home districts, like the Nevada Current’s story on Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV), which the Nevada Independent also picked up, and Colorado Politics on Joe Neguse (D-CO).

And The Sun—a UK publication—which notes that seven of the Congress members who signed the letter are themselves veterans, including Rep. Mast.


We are extremely grateful for all the interest and support.

But the media 💩 storm we’re REALY looking forward to is when we get the VA’s horrific cat-stipation labs shut down!

Please help us “cut the crap” by taking a moment to write and urge Congress to de-fund VA’s kitten labs and make the VA adopt out the survivors!

Blog Comments

Totally torture! Absolutely no excuse for these type of experiments in our day and age. We have many more ways to find out what is needed without hurting an innocent animal. Please de-fund this and adopt out anyvand all cats/kittens that are and will be in the program before it’s shut down. Remember, this could be your child’s pet, someone could come into your yard/home and steal their pet and them to a place like this doing research.

Stop these horrific experiments!

Make this STOP. NOW!

No more money should be given to these monsters to cripple and kill beautiful, innocent kittens. Let’s prioritize sustaining life on this planet, not finding ways to hurt, experiment on, decimate and kill.

You have no right to confiscate domestic pets and needlessly and cruelly torture them like this! Find alternatives to help humans who can’t control their piss and can’t shit!! And using taxpayers money to abeit in the pain and suffering of God’s creatures. I hope you ALL get your just deserts for this!! Karmas a bitch!!!!!!!

This needs to stop immediately!! This is horrific!! Experiment with your own constipation!!!

This needs to end NOW, everywhere where they are experimenting. These poor beautiful souls don’t deserve this!

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