The VA Is Experimenting On Cats And We Have The Shocking Secret Videos

Posted by Arin Greenwood
24 July 2020 | Newsworthy, VA

You already know about the Department of Veterans Affairs’ cruel and wasteful experiments on dogs. With your help, we’ve made historic steps toward defunding and defeating it. We also worked with Congress last year to secure a phase-out of the VA’s testing on cats and primates by 2025.

As first reported by The Sun
, a new White Coat Waste Project investigation reveals why our efforts to defeat and defund the VA’s cat labs are so urgent.

Documents we obtained—including shocking never-before-seen photos and videos—through the Freedom of Information Act show that since at least 2015, the Cleveland VA has wasted over $3 million of your tax money torturing cats as young as 6 months old in disturbing constipation and incontinence experiments.

Photos and other records obtained by WCW show Copper the cat was killed on October 21, 2019. He was experimented on in a taxpayer-funded lab at the Cleveland VA.

The VA purchases healthy cats, performs invasive surgeries to implant electrodes to remotely stimulate their bladders or colons, severs some of the cats’ spinal cords, and then kills and dissects them.

The Cleveland VA implants electrodes into healthy cats so their bladders and colons can be remotely stimulated. Some of the cats’ spinal cords are also severed.

Some of the cats have artificial stool made from “bran, potato flour and saline” inserted into their anuses for the experiments. Records show the experimental procedures caused cats distress, seizures, bloody urine, and even depression.

Records show Odie the cat was killed on May 7, 2019. He was experimented on at the Cleveland VA.

The VA plans to kill 35 cats in these bizarre and wasteful experiments. Invoices we obtained show that the VA buys a batch of cats each August and September, meaning that the next delivery is coming up soon.  

WCW already defunded the VA’s dog tests, and knocked out the USDA’s kitten slaughterhouse labwhich was the largest cat abusing lab in the entire federal government.

With your help, we’ll knock this one out next. We are 2 million members strong, and we get results.

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Absolutely unnecessary, barbaric, cruel torture. This needs to be stopped immediately. Cats feel, have emotions, thoughts, empathy, and beautiful souls. Also, this is nothing knowledge wise that can’t be surmised another modern way without animals. Period. Stop torturing and killing these innocent souls.

Stop this disgusting cruelty, please, you disturbed monsters.

how do you help

Please I need to know what are you doing for these poor cats, I have heard about the dogs and have donated , I need to know is anything being done about these poor cats????? I do not see anywhere to donate for them, I love all animals , are they being helped??? please someone get back to me. I looked at these pictures , I can’t look anymore
I won’t be able to sleep, I am crying , it is unfair. I see a woman’s hand , how can she have the audacity to even do this and kill a innocent cat, .. what kind of a person does this??????


Please stop experimenting on cats! Please stop the horrible abuse! It is heartbreaking and gut wrenching what you are doing to these awesome animals! They are meant to be pets, members of loving families! Humans are supposed to be caring stewards of animals. Please stop this!!!

Experimenting on animals is outdated, expensive, unreliable when applied to humans & inhumane! I don’t want my taxes spent on useless painful testing done on animals!

The US House Committee on Veterans Affairs – Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee contact submission form appears to be non-functioning for the past week (4th week of July). The US Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs does have working contact submission forms – but no confirmation of submissions. I would think the US House Oversight Subcommittee would be more responsive & timely to exposed waste & fraud public submissions.

STOP THIS ALREADY leave this innocent cats alone , It is cruel , It is sick, and it is against God, this will all come back to you in due time, hurting this poor helpless cats, you have no heart and when you meet your maker, that is when all this will come back to you, hurting and torturing these poor babies is senseless and there is a price to pay for your cruelness. Love conquers EVIL, I pray this all will come to a end, and these cats will live their lives without pain , just like you live your lives, They feel pain, they hurt , they cry, Please leave them alone. Jesus is watching

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