Cut FDA Red Tape: WCW-Backed AARF Act Re-Introduced!

Posted by Arin Greenwood
16 March 2021 | Blog

We are thrilled to announce some major paw-gress in our fight to Cut FDA Red Tape:

A bipartisan coalition of Waste Warriors in Congress has just reintroduced the AARF Act!

The WCW-backed Alternatives to Animals for Regulatory Fairness Act allows drug makers to use high-tech alternatives to painful and deadly testing on puppies and other animals to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of new drugs.

The bill, introduced by Reps. Brendan Boyle (D-PA), Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-PA), Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), and Alcee Hastings (D-FL) would effect desperately needed regulatory reform.

The FDA now abuses its authority by forcing drug companies to spend millions to make puppies *as young as a week old* swallow and inhale experimental drugs every day for as long as a year, and then needlessly kill and dissect the young dogs.

Often, no pain relief is provided.

Some of these puppies are so young their eyes aren’t even open yet. 

The FDA mandates these puppy experiments, but they don’t make us safer. Rather, they just delay much-needed medicines from being available to those who need them, while also driving up costs for drug companies and patients.

Plus, again, the puppies. The baby puppies. Who have experimental compounds injected into their eyes and forced down their tiny throats… even though these FDA mandated dog tests do not provide any useful information about which drugs are safe and effective for humans and which are not.

The puppies are horribly, cruelly abused and killed for no reason, except that government bureaucrats say so.

The AARF Act would change that, helping patients, drug companies, and tens of thousands of puppies by giving drug companies the freedom to avoid the Food and Drug Administration’s cruel, pointless, and expensive dog testing mandate.

So, as you can imagine, the AARF Act is very popular with taxpayers of all political stripes. As it should be.

You can read more background on the AARF Act and why it’s so *pupping* necessary here.

We are extremely grateful to Reps. Boyle, Dean, Fitzpatrick and Hastings for their leadership protecting animals and taxpayers by cutting FDA red tape.

Please help us get the AARF Act passed by signing our petition telling lawmakers to cut FDA red tape to spare dogs, stop waste, and save lives!

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The FDA is old and antiquated and needs some serious over hauling on their policies and procedures. I hope this bill gets passed

I hope this bill gets passed. It’s cruel and inhumane to test on animals

This must stop! It’s torture of sentient life.

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