PHOTOS: Fauci Funded $375K Beagle Torture Overseas, Too

Posted by Amanda Nieves
31 August 2021 | Blog

We’ve told you about how Anthony Fauci is funding wasteful $424,000 parasite experiments on beagles in which the dogs are “vocalizing in pain.”

And we’ve told you about how he shipped tax dollars to Wuhan, China for dangerous coronavirus experiments on animals that experts, and most Americans, believe caused the pandemic.

Now, what if we told you that Dr. Fauci was sentencing beagles to death on taxpayers’ dime overseas, too?

Photo of parasite experiments on beagles funded with a $375,800 grant from Dr. Fauci’s division at the NIH. The dogs were drugged and had their heads confined in these mesh cages full of biting sand flies.

Photos and government records discovered by our investigators show that Fauci’s NIH division shipped part of a $375,800 grant to a lab in Tunisia (where the NIH has no oversight and there are no laws protecting animals used in experiments!) to drug beagles and lock their heads in mesh cages filled with hundreds of infected sand flies.

In the recent study, the experimenters starved the flies so they’re hungry and “the sand flies were then allowed to feed on the sedated dogs….”

That’s right: these taxpayer-funded white coats intentionally had the insects eat these beagles alive.

It gets worse: These sickos also locked beagles alone in cages in the desert overnight for nine consecutive nights to use them as bait to attract infectious sand flies. See for yourself 👇

In these Fauci-funded experiments, beagles were locked in these small cages overnight in the desert and used as bait to attract infectious sand flies .

Angry? Us too. Is this how you want your money spent?

Fortunately, Congress is taking action to hold Fauci accountable for this beagle abuse and wasteful foreign aid.

Tell Congress that you don’t want your tax dollars wasted on abusing dogs and puppies in cruel and unnecessary experiments at home or abroad!


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I can’t believe you’re doing this nonsense. I hope Karma comes for you!

This sick. And it’s so cruel. Don’t use my tax dollars on such a horrifying project. Can’t believe this animal cruelty.

They are such hypocrites!!! Bottom line total is that American dollar. Money talks and dogs die! Case closed

This is beyond cruel and disguising!!!!! It should be stopped immediately!!!!!

Please stop this.

Despicable and just barbaric

You are sick! Enough is enough! Animals are not ours to do what we want with! Stop it!!!!

Pure evil.

Absolutely despicable!

Go to hell!

This man better not step foot in my state.

Most serial killers were cruel to animals as children. Just think of what the good doctor is doing to humans…

If Fauci has his way, this will be the poor next.

Faucci is a sorry piece of SHIT and needs put away for animal cruelty as well as Biden and his top Leaders for leaving our wonderful Service Dogs in crates without food or water in Afghanistan. Cruelty to the utmost.

You are evil and it’s not just about the dogs.

No reason good enough for abuse.

The name Joseph Mengele comes to mind. Just sayinng.


Where there is no respect for life, there you will find evil.
O.R. Melling

Disgraceful Humans Cruel and Evil! Stop this Atrocity! Barbaric practice! Inhumane act! Stop Killing Dog’s!!!!🤬🤬

No way am I taking a shot created by the murder and torture of dogs & other animals, AND that used tissues from aborted babies. This is evil beyond evil & Fauci is a demon.

This is ridiculous!! Stop wasting OUR money

Beagles are used for this type of heartless experimentation because they are one of the most trusting, docile breeds. The whole process is sick.

I understand the intent of the experiment, but I cannot condone his methods.

This is inhumane and barbaric. Please stop this and hold Dr Fauci accountable.

Finite di torturare queste creature innocenti, provvedete a fare degli eserimenti più utili per l’umanità con le nuve tecnilogie più sicure e urili


I’m against animal testing would be interested in adopting a lab pet.

End this torture

I can’t believe the sick ways of people! How is it ok to abuse and torture a living breathing creature that feels pain! And how do they get away with what laws we have fought fir to be put in place to punish those that do exact things like this to animals? How are you above laws? Sick! Just sick!!

This is a disgusting abuse of power. It is federally funded cruelty by someone who believes that science has the right to torture and kill animals! Stop this killing and STOP USING MY TAX DOLLARS TO KILL ANIMALS! FAUCI HAS TO GO.

We need to change animal rights in every country in order to stop this bloody test on Animals. They get Millions of dollors to do this !

We need to change animal rights in every country in order to stop this bloody test on Animals. They get Millions of dollors to do this ! 👿👿

This makes me sick! I can’t believe that there are still people out there who believe this evil man’s lies. We all need to stand up & speak out!

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