WCW Investigation: Fauci Wasted $1M+ to Poison Beagle Puppies, Cut Out Vocal Cords

Posted by Amanda Nieves
05 October 2021 | Newsworthy

We recently exposed that Anthony Fauci spent a combined $800,000 on painful and deadly experiments in the U.S. and abroad where beagles were infested with infected flies to give them parasites.

If that wasn’t nasty enough, we’ve now uncovered that he paid to poison puppies, too 🤬

Documents obtained by WCW through the Freedom of Information Act show that Fauci’s division at the National Institutes of Health ordered cruel and unnecessary drug toxicity tests on dogs and other animals that cost taxpayers $1.68 million (documents available below).

In the tests, 44 beagle puppies who were just 6-8 months old were repeatedly injected with or force-fed an experimental drug for weeks, and then killed and dissected.

The documents also show that the Fauci’s NIH division paid to have the puppies’ vocal cords cut out so they couldn’t bark in the lab while they were being abused.

To add insult to injury, these dog tests ARE COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY! The NIH stated that the dogs tests were meant to support a submission to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but the FDA has stated clearly as recently as this summer: “The FDA does not mandate that human drugs be studied in dogs.”

Is this how you want your money spent?

Freedom of Information Act Documents Obtained by White Coat Waste Project.



TAKE ACTION! Tell Congress that you don’t want your tax dollars wasted on abusing dogs and puppies in cruel and unnecessary experiments!

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Please have mercy!

What you are doing is disgusting.

Make this stop!

Make this stop

This is disgusting. Stop abusing animals and stop using my money to do so.

This is horrific and Fauci needs to be stopped!!!

I’ve admired and respected Dr. Fauci’s recommendations and updates on the pandemic, but this exploitation of animals, cruelty to our fellow beings by those who think they are so superior to other living beings, is something I do not tolerate, excuse or ever want my tax dollars to support. Do the experiments on the worthless human trash on death row, and let them suffer for the betterment of other humans. Human experimentation is of more value to other humans than any animal experimentation. Experimenting on animals has been proven to not work.

Totally inhumane and cruel research on dogs. What a waste of life.


Fauci needs to be held accountable for this horrific cruelty to animals!!

Charge him with animal cruelty & sentence him to prison. This needs to stop. There is no reson to test on animals therfore he is doing it out of pure enjoyment. Make him pay back all the money & give those poor animals justice.

Any chance you guys will release all the documents you got from the FOIA, or just the cut up versions that you have here? Because it would be interesting to get a look at those

I am appalled, but not surprised to see this. Signed the petition that congress immediately stop this from happening. What kind of breeder releases their puppies to such a horrible fate?

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