WCW Investigation: Illegal Taxpayer-Funded Terrier Torture at UPENN Puppy Mill

Posted by Amanda Nieves
04 December 2023 | Blog


  • White Coat Waste Project (WCW) has exposed a taxpayer-funded University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) lab that breeds puppies to suffer from debilitating genetic diseases for deadly experiments.
  • UPenn’s white coats breed sick and deformed terriers, beagles, and other hounds to kill in experiments, some before they’re two weeks old
  • Videos uncovered by WCW show puppies in UPenn’s lab struggling to stand and walk.
  • UPenn’s breeding colony and experimentation lab has been continuously funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) since the 1980s
  • WCW has filed a federal complaint detailing how UPenn white coats illegally refuse to disclose how much they’re wasting on these experiments.

Our investigators uncovered these disturbing videos from inside UPenn’s puppy experimentation labs:

White Coat Waste is a Project to get the U.S. government out of the dog testing business. We’ve even documented how dog testing labs funded with our tax dollars by the National Institutes of Health operate in-house puppy and kitten mills to supply victims for heartless white coats, like at Auburn’s crippled kitten colony and the NIH’s Bleeding Beagle colony.

Now, a new WCW investigation has exposed how, for nearly four decades, the University of Pennsylvania has operated a taxpayer-funded puppy mill that breeds thousands of dogs to suffer from painful and debilitating genetic diseases for deadly experiments. We’ve also filed a federal complaint detailing how the UPenn dog lab has been breaking the law and demanding that the lab be blocked from future funding.

UPenn’s sick white coats intentionally breed terriers, beagles, and other puppies to suffer from skeletal disorders, seizures, tremors, paralysis, deafness, and blindness and kill them when they’re as young as 9 days old.

University Pennsylvania Dog Lab

The NIH has bankrolled this breeding colony with tens of millions of taxpayer dollars since the 1980s. The three active grants currently funding the project have received over $10 million just over the last decade.

As an insult to injury, we’ve also exposed how UPenn’s white coats have been breaking long-standing federal transparency law by failing to disclose exactly how much they’re spending on each of these experiments. We’ve just filed a federal complaint documenting the violations and demanding that UPenn’s dog lab be debarred from receiving any more taxpayer funding.

We’re continuing to investigate UPenn’s dog lab using the Freedom of Information Act, but the NIH has been stonewalling our requests and failed to turn over documents for over a year!

We’re also working with PA lawmakers to ensure no state funds are wasted at UPenn’s puppy lab and with U.S. Congress to cut off all NIH funding.

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