Instant Impact: Following WCW Investigation, Sen. Ernst Presses Fauci on Runny Nose Puppy Experiments

Posted by Amanda Nieves
02 June 2022 | Blog

Less than two weeks ago, White Coat Waste Project revealed that Dr. Fauci was at it again. This time, he and the white coats at his division of the NIH wasted $1.8 million to commission FIVE new cruel and wasteful experiments on dogs, including six-month-old puppies, to test an experimental new drug for a runny nose (‘allergic rhinitis,’ also known as hay fever, to be precise).

Ernst Presses Fauci

Now, after outcry from WCW members and the media, Congress has taken notice — and once again taken action to hold Fauci accountable for #BeagleGate.

You know what we call that? Instant Impact.

On June 2, 2022, Waste Warrior and transparency champion Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) sent a letter to Dr. Fauci, demanding information on his sickening sniffles experiments on puppies. In her letter, which you can read in full below, she noted that Fauci’s team demanded these experiments, even though…

  • The FDA has said it does not require human drugs to be tested on dogs;
  • The company performing the experiments said that at least one of NIAID’s dog experiments was unnecessary and that alternatives could be used instead; and
  • Fauci’s dog experiments make elected officials of both parties, as well as the American people, very unhappy.

Senator Ernst’s letter directly cited our findings:

Ernst Presses Fauci

Our initial blog post about Fauci’s runny nose experiments on puppies noted that they had not yet begun — meaning that it’s possible they could be stopped.

We hope Senator Ernst’s letter will inspire Dr. Fauci to do just that.

We also hope that the Preventing Animal Abuse and Waste (PAAW) Act will become law. This important bill would prohibit Dr. Fauci from performing, funding, or otherwise supporting any painful experiments on dogs. Passing this legislation would be a monumental victory for taxpayers and animals, and a crushing defeat to the white coats at NIAID.

Take action, and tell Congress to pass the PAAW Act today!

Blog Comments

Pls end this senseless animal cruelty & stop wasting tax payers money

I lost all respect for Dr Fauci when I learned about the animal experimentations, a few years ago.

I am grateful to you for help ending Aids. But in this time
of 2022 experiments on helpless animals is unacceptable .
These tests for what you do to animals should no longer happen !

I lost all respect for Dr Fauci when I learned of his animal experimentations. Inhumane and cruel acts to poor defenseless and innocent animals is NEVER okay!!! I have not forgiven him for him getting rich from AIDS medicines.

If the FDA has stated that dog testing is NOT mandated for human drugs then why subject these animals to unnecessary pain and suffering. Has the NIAID looked into any alternatives to dog or other animal testing?

Would be good to know exactly which politicians are supporting this legislation since their form letters in response to inquiries are hardly informative.

How can so much money be spent on unnecessary research by cruelly testing living beings?

Stop animal 😤testing it doesn’t help mankind

Dr Fauci is an idiot and needs to resign.
Dog torturer, he makes me sick!
I hope he rots in hell

Dear Sir,
Animal experiments are cruel and useless. Most of these experiments have been tested time and time again with the same results. The animals are abused,in an inhumane and torturous manner. Not scientifically useful. It is a misuse of contributor’s funds. Shameful. I wish for thoughtful consideration for animals and humanity. I am saddened at such behavior. Regards Mona Zigby

It’s about time that those that hurt these precious beings realize that this ‘testing’ aka torture, is useless as there is no equivalent between these species. He is just a madman. This must stop and now.

Beautifully written!! I vote for Senator Ernst to be President!

Please stop the cruel animal testing!

Stop testing on animals now!!!

This is the 21st century, Not the 2nd. Please, immediately cease and desist ALL Animal Testing. It’s Beyond Cruel and Unusual Punishment to Torture, Abuse and Confine Sentient Creatures of God! The tests Do Not Scale Up to Human levels, so you are, in essence, TORTURING For NO REASON! If you choose to perpetuate this Aberrant Behavior, May God Have Mercy on Your Soul; Mercy you Continually Deny These Kind and Loving Animals!

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