VIDEO: WCW & experts discuss lab leak and COVID origins at Hudson Institute

Posted by Amanda Nieves
08 August 2022 | Blog

A majority of Americans believe that the pandemic was caused by a lab leak from a dangerous taxpayer-funded animal lab in Wuhan, and 77% of taxpayers want a U.S.-led investigation into where COVID came from and for subpoenas to be issued. What steps can Congress take to probe the origins of this pandemic in hopes of preventing another?

On Wednesday, August 3, that was the question at the Hudson Institute, which hosted a roundtable discussion entitled Investigating COVID-19 Origins: Guideposts for the Next Congress. Featured on the panel was White Coat Waste Project’s (WCW) Senior Vice President Justin Goodman, who discussed what we have learned — and what we hope to learn — following WCW’s exhaustive investigation into wasteful taxpayer-funded gain-of-function experiments by white coats at the Wuhan Animal Lab.

The American people have many unanswered questions about how the pandemic began.

We do, too.

For more insights into the path forward for Congressional investigators, watch the discussion below:

WCW Senior VP Discusses the Origins of COVID-19 with the Hudson Institute

Investigating COVID-19 Origins: Guideposts for the Next Congress (Full Video)

Appearing alongside WCW’s Justin Goodman, the expert panel discussing COVID origins included medical writer and former Senate investigator Paul Thacker, scientist, inventor, and COVID medical detective Dr. Steven Quay, and Hudson Institute Adjunct Fellow Tom DiNanno, who led the U.S. State Department Arms Control effort into COVID-19 as a potential biological weapons-related release. Hudon Institute Senior Fellow and former U.S. State Department investigator David Asher moderated the event.

Lab Leak & COVID Origins

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