Taxpayer Revolt: Maine Lawmaker Pushes for Lab Leak Investigation

24 February 2023 | Blog

After three long years of delays and obstruction—and nonstop pressure from WCW and its three million-plus supporters—U.S. Congress is finally investigating whether taxpayer-funded animal experiments in Wuhan sparked the pandemic.

The States want action too. Recently a Texas lawmaker introduced a WCW-backed resolution pushing Congress to probe the pandemic’s origin.

Last week, Sen. Eric Brakey (R) attempted to introduce a similar resolution in Maine:

Maine Lab Leak Investigation

Seems important, right?

Maine Lab Leak Investigation

However, the commonsense initiative was blocked by the President of the Maine Senate and the Speaker of the House.

This misguided move against investigating COVIDs origin is especially perplexing because Maine was the subject of absurd misinformation spread by the Chinese Communist Party that suspicious American seafood” from Maine specifically was the cause of the pandemic virus.  You’d think the state’s lawmakers would want to help set the record straight.

Maine Lab Leak Investigation

To her credit, Maine’s senior Senator (and WCW Waste Warrior awardee!), Susan Collins (R), was quick to address the CCP’s nonsense back in 2021, tweeting, “China’s absurd claim COVID started w/ shipment of Maine lobster attempts to distract from most likely cause: accidental leak from its Wuhan coronavirus lab.”

Maine Lab Leak Investigation

An unbiased, impartial investigation, undertaken with our best assets across the federal government, to pinpoint how and where the pandemic started shouldn’t be too much to ask. Taxpayers have a right to know if NIH-funded animal experiments killed a million of our friends and family in this country and seven million people worldwide.

Maine Lab Leak Investigation

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