#BeagleGate Lab Broke the Law

07 June 2023 | Blog

Our newest #BeagleGate investigation exposed how the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has been wasting millions of tax dollars on painful and deadly sandfly experiments on foxhounds who were discarded by their owners at a public university.

BeagleGate Lab Broke Law

Actual photo from NIAID’s discarded dog lab at the University of Iowa where capsules full of sand flies were strapped to the dogs’ ears so the insects could “feed” on the dogs.

Records obtained by White Coat Waste Project (WCW) show that white coats from the NIH and the University of Iowa rounded up over a dozen dogs, drugged them, strapped containers full of hungry sand flies to their skin, and locked the dogs in cages so the flies could bite them.  The heartless white coats then killed and dissected the dogs.

If that weren’t bad enough, we’ve now filed a federal complaint documenting how this despicable dog lab broke federal law, too, by not publicly disclosing (as required by law since the 1980s!) how much of its combined $10-million-plus in NIH grants it wasted on the deadly dog experiments.

BeagleGate Lab Broke Law

We’re working with Congress to stop this wasteful spending for good by passing the bipartisan Protecting Dogs Subjected to Experiments Act to PERMANENTLY DEFUND ALL NIH DOG EXPERIMENTS! You can help! 

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