13 Terrifying & True Torture Devices Used In Taxpayer-Funded Animal Labs

Posted by Mackenzie Burr
31 October 2019 | Blog, Transparency

Guess what?
Uncle Sam forces you to pay $20 billion in taxes – that’s billion with a “B” – for wicked and wasteful experiments on animals.

Every. Single. Year. Whether you like it or not.

So, just in time for Halloween, WCW has compiled a list of the top 13 government torture devices you bought … drum roll, please!

According to the Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science:

An animal is hand-caught and placed into the plastic or metal tube, which encases the body’s trunk to hold the animal in place.”

Another torture textbook says:

Restraint tubes allow easy weighing and bleeding of juvenile or African green monkeys … they severely restrict any animal movement.”


We’ve all said it: exercise is torture.

But could it actually be used as a government torture device?

Well, several sadistic “scientists” at the Dept of. Veterans Affairs are cashing your checks to find out:

The dogs are surgically implanted with pacemakers and put on treadmills to test cardiac function. They’re forced to run until they collapse.”

Your bill? $280,496. (PAYOUT #02002)

Even we were surprised by this one.

Here’s how the National Institutes of Health (NIH) wastes $16 MILLION of your money to cripple a primate:

  • Step 1: Lock her alone in a cage.
  • Step 2: Drill a hole into her skull.
  • Step 3: Screw a restraint device into her head.
  • Step 4: Inject toxins to destroy her brain and limb function.
  • Step 5: Cash a check.

Did you get your money’s worth?

It’s a simple concept: ram a metal or plastic choke collar around the victim’s neck.

This way, it’s easy for bureaucrats to gently escort her from her cage around the laboratory.

One lab sales catalog puts it like this:

Through positive reinforcement, primates quickly learn their role in handling procedures and become participates rather than subjects of them.”

This diabolical device locks under the fully conscious monkey’s chin, around her arms, and binds her into place. Restraint bars are bolted to her skull and electrodes are forced into her brain.

As a manufacturer boasts in its sales catalog, this chair:

Prevents the animal from raising its arms above its shoulders …the Waist Plates are designed to prevent the primate from having access to its lower body.”

But that’s not all … optional à la carte customization includes footplates to electro-shock the soles of her feet.

All this can be yours for the low, low price of $6,275!

Forget the new AirPods Pro. This season’s hottest import from China may just be the rhesus macaque!

Well, primates don’t grow on trees. But don’t you worry…

Today’s bureaucrat goes directly to the source: baby monkeys are ripped away from their mothers in the wild and thrown into cheap sacks.

Destination? The taxpayer-funded lab. Daily Mail:

The young monkey reaches desperately into the cage where his mate is trapped, pawing in confusion at her soft fur. She has been lured by a juicy piece of sugar cane, and a trapdoor has slammed shut behind her. Trappers rush through the jungle towards them and the male bares his teeth, but he’s forced to flee. His mate screams as she’s grabbed by the tail and shoved into a sack.”

This victim’s cage has two compartments and a door separating them.

First, the floor on one side is electrified. As the victim receives an electric shock to her feet, she jumps through the door. Then, the floor on the other side is electrified.

Back and forth, the animal “shuttles” to avoid painful electric shocks. Sometimes both sides are electrified simultaneously so the victim can’t avoid being shocked!

As one catalog boasts, this product:

allows aversive stimulation to be delivered to either side of the chamber floor, at different times … thereby ensuring that the repeatability of the electric shock is maximized. The time duration of the electric shock is also adjustable.”

Yes, it’s actually called the “guillotine.” No, it’s not from the era of Marie Antoinette, Robespierre, and Napoleon.

As written by the manufacturer:

The decapitator cuts cleanly and quickly through bone and tissue.”

This particular vendor charges you $695.

On April 15, taxpayer-funded “White Coats” party like it’s 1789!

Do you recognize this? You should, because you bought it. It’s called a stereotaxic device.

Government bureaucrats use it to restrain a victim’s head.

As written by the manufacturer:

Its superior rigidity, large frame bars and precision bearing surfaces assure absolute alignment of laboratory animals for indefinite periods of time.”

And this:

Adjustable infra-orbital clamps and a vertically adjustable tooth bar prevent rotation of the skull. Adaptor is suitable for use with beagles, mongrels of Beagle size and Macaque monkeys.”

Each costs you $7,000.

Will that be cash or credit?

These aren’t ordinary office scissors.

When only the best will do, you go with fine German engineering (paid for with your American tax dollars, of course).

You see, today’s well-heeled bureaucrat on the public dole just can’t be bothered to listen to cries, howls, and whimpers.

So puppies are often de-barked — i.e. their vocal cords are cut out — with these sadistic scissors.

One textbook on torture methodology explains how:

“Use long-handled Metzenbaum scissors and remove as much of the vocal fold extending into the laryngeal lumen as possible.”

Truly, in a government laboratory, no one can hear you scream.

In Washington, wasting your tax dollars is an art form.

Over the past quarter-century, the NIH doled out over $6 million to forcibly addict monkeys to heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and other recreational drugs.

This boondoggle received $365,574 in 2019 alone! (Payout #R01DA007315)

What happens if you manage to survive taxpayer-funded torture?

Well, lazy government bureaucrats usually can’t be bothered to retire and release lab survivors. It’s a lot easier to burn them like trash!

Consider: at taxpayer-expense, USDA’s Kitten Slaughterhouse executed and incinerated over 3,000 healthy kittens.

Over, and over, and over again. Repeatedly. For 50 years … right into government incinerators.

The world’s largest spender on animal testing isn’t big cosmetics companies.

It’s not Big Pharma either.

It’s YOU!

Disgusted yet?  Help us find, expose, and de-fund taxpayer-funded animal experiments by rushing a tax-deductible gift today!

Blog Comments

Stop these barbaric practices! It is horrible and you should be ashamed that you are torturing these innocent creatures.


What kind of person does it take to treat another creature with such cruelty? This is akin to what Nazi’s did… I wonder what professional title these government “lab technicians” give themselves? How do they sleep and what do they tell others they do for a living?

Use does people for experiment. They are familiar with it.

This is so sad to use these techniques on innocent animals. I do not want any of my money used to abuse these innocent aimails.

This makes me absolutely angry, sick to my whole body and embarrassed to be a United States citizen. The fact that our government does all of this to innocent animals is terrifying. How would these scientists and U. S. government officials like it if they were put into these torture devices? Maybe they should think about that before putting innocent animals into them?

What are we accomplishing

This is not right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not right to treat animal this way!!

How can people call them selves human when they subject these defenseless animals to these horrific torture devices, subject them to unspeakable experiments and then kill them. This government is crazy if they allow this type of animal abuse and the taxpayer ends up paying money for this. The people acquiring these animals and subjecting them to this cruelty and torture should be arrested and this animal testing needs to stop immediately.

Good Lord!!! I could barely look at these pictures displaying such barbaric torture to these innocent animals. How dare you waste taxpayers money in these horrific experiments. This needs to stop immediately. It’s the 21st century not the dark ages… find a better way!!! It’s despicable


This is barbaric and inhumane to all living creatures. Free these animals and stop testing.

Stop the cruel, sadistic experimentation, abuse and torture of animals for wasteful, unnecessary experiments.

This site has really made me aware of what INNOCENT ANIMALS go through in Government labs. HOW DARE ANYONE DO THIS TO ANOTHER LIVING, BREATHING LIFE !!! How can anyone stand by and not do something? How hard is it to sign a petition to stop the suffering on that is going on daily….BEHIND CLOSED DOORS where no little being can be heard as it cry’s out for help, or because of pain. These are living animals, just like our own pets… would you allow this to be done to your pet? OMG! NO WAY… but these are innocent little fur-babies that don’t have someone to love and protect them. So there goes the money that is collected from us …. called TAX”S, that is PAYING FOR ANIMALS TO BE TORCHERED, then killed. STOP THIS MADNESS! NOW! STOP the funding, and STOP the torcher.


Sick bastards animals have feelings,emotions feel pain just like us stop this barbaric tourture

I do not want my tax monies to support this torture

STOP these barbaric and wicked practices. How about the tables were turned and the perpetrators of these horrifying practices were to reap what they sow.


Stop torturing animals and wasting taxpayer money. Treat all creatures like you would want to be treated. These animals experiments need to end immediately. They are horrifically inhumane, outdated, and serve no purpose.

we could use these things on the vets let them know what the animals feel

I hope you mean the veterinarians and not military vets…???

I cannot believe that any one living being would be so cruel to animals.

These are horrific pictures! What the hell is wrong with these people?? No compassion for any living creature! No animal deserves this treatment!!

I’d REALLY like to get my hands on the reprehensible CREEPS that request my money for this torture and get my hands on the disgusting government JERKS that OK my money to be spent this way!! It infuriates me to NO END!!!!!


Fermatevi con questo abominio !


Rotten abuse of helpless and innocent animals! WHY? WHY? Very sad and cruel to see
This horrible cruelty towards these poor animals!!!

I am beyond appalled!!! What is wrong with you people?!! I do not condone barbaric torture with my tax dollars!!! You’re subhuman!!!!

This is so cruel and heartless you people are the epitome…you should be put in these torture chambers, forced to run until you collapsed, heads severed, plastic bags, tubing, having your vocal cords cut using these sadistic scissors so you can’t hear these precious animals barking and screaming out in pain and crying out for help and the reason you don’t want to hear that because you cannot deal with what is going on, etc…I do not want my heard earn money going to these torture labs this has to stop immediately! I cannot wait for this to stop because you will get what you have coming to you, what goes around comes around!!! I will be the first in line to put you morons, idiots and sadistic bastards through torture what you have done to these precious animals you wouldn’t like for that to happen and to die that way!!! THIS IS NOT SCIENCE IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM!!! God will get you for this! Animals cannot stand up for themselves, speak up for themselves and defend themselves! Disgusting filthy people…all of you are cowards, you get your rocks off torturing animals because that is the only way for you to get satisfaction!!!

I think we should all stop paying taxes until this insanely barbaric #%&*# (THERE AREN’T BAD ENOUGH WORDS FOR THIS!) is stopped permanently! STOP IT YOU HEARTLESS BASTARDS!

This is horrible. Who is running this awful waste of poor animals?

This cruelty needs to stop immediately.

We strenuously object OUR taxpayer funds being used to torture animals, this qualifies as inexcusable cruelty and needs to STOP immediately.

This makes me crazy with anger! I CAN’T believe our government tortures animals,and they dare use my tax dollars to do it.this is the worst cruelty I have ever seen and I’m paying for it!!!!!

Horrible what human can do to the innocent animal , no goal worth this tortures!!!! Must be stop !

This is the most disgusting, nauseating, sadistic crap I have ever seen. I can think of one or two interesting experiments for the scum doing this; and I would do it for free!!!!!

When I first read these I thought they were fake,that’s how horrible and disgusting this is. To think we still use these barbaric ways disgusts me. That’s why when I graduate out of high school I wish to go to college as a vet so I can learn to use tools to HELP animals not torture them!

These people must be stopped! These pictures are hard enough to look at. I cannot imagine what these little animals are enduring every single minute of every single day!

This is pointless you see how every single torture device has no real purpose besides torturing animals for fun. It’s not even for research. We need to stop these barbaric experiments.




These experiments are of dubious value and cause animals great suffering, otherwise they wouldn’t cut their vocal cords. Find another way to do the research, if there is actually any real value in these experiments. Stop this needless animal suffering!!!!

All the experiments that are done to the ANIMALS should be done to the experimenters!!!
And I will gladly puncture the first experimenter! Sign me up!

I am ashamed to think our government is doing these things to these poor defenseless animals. I truly hope the people who do this rot in hell. I don’t know how they sleep at night knowing what they’ve done.

Who are these people who work in these places!!!! Do they stand next to us in the grocery stores? DO we invite their children to our home to play with ours? Maybe just sit quietly next to us in church OR, Maybe they will be reincarnated as a beagle in a southern laboratory. 😧

We can not let this continue in the USA or the world. Animal cruelty must be put to an end. We can not evolve as humans until every single one of us is compassionate toward all living things. The fact that there are people who can perform these tests on animals is incomprehensible.

Doesn’t make it ok at all but this is the same government that murdered their own people, 911, middle East, and veterans, this is a perfect example of what this nation really is murderers.

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