WCW Exposé: Fauci Spent $424K on Beagle Experiments, Dogs Bitten to Death by Flies

Posted by Amanda Nieves
30 July 2021 | Blog

White Coat Waste Project shocked the world when we first exposed how Anthony Fauci’s division at the National Institutes of Health shipped tax dollars to the treacherous Wuhan Animal Lab and how it conducts the most painful animal experiments in the federal government.

Fauci’s 2021 budget was $6 BILLION (!!!) of taxpayers’ hard-earned money and roughly half of that—likely more—was wasted on animal experiments….including this nasty one our investigators just uncovered:

Beagle abused in painful experiments in an NIH lab run by Anthony Fauci. Photo obtained by WCW via FOIA.

According to documents that we just obtained using the Freedom of Information Act (documents available below), Fauci just spent $424,000 to commission a study in which healthy beagles are given an experimental drug and then intentionally infested with flies that carry a disease-causing parasite that affects humans.

Records show that the dogs were “vocalizing in pain” during the experiments.

At the end of the ongoing experiment, the dogs will all be killed.

What’s worse is that this is all COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY.

Experimenters admit this investigational drug, “has been extensively tested and confirmed…in different animal models such as mice…Mongolian gerbils…and rhesus macaques….”

There’s literally no excuse for Fauci to waste more than $400,000 of your tax dollars on abusing dogs.

Tattooed ear of a beagle abused in painful experiments in an NIH lab run by Anthony Fauci. Photo obtained by WCW via FOIA.

These aren’t the only sick experiments on dogs that Fauci has funded. In 2016, WCW exposed how his NIH division was wasting tax dollars to buy beagle puppies and strapping capsules full of infected flies to their bare skin. Here’s an actual photo from their lab:

Freedom of Information Act Documents Obtained by White Coat Waste Project.

TAKE ACTION! Tell Congress that you don’t want your tax dollars wasted on abusing dogs and
puppies in cruel and unnecessary experiments!

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Someone needs to experiment on that sick quack.

I am disgusted and demand that these cruel practices stop asap ! I demand that my taxes not be spent on animal experiments!!

It’s time to completely stop this barbaric testing

Dr. Fauci is a horrible cruel monster

Stop this now ! I demand my tax dollars are not used for Fauci’s cruelty to animals ! Enough ! He’s done enough damage by funding the gain of function experiment on the virus the Chinese unleashed upon this world ! Stop the unnecessary cruelty and barbarism to innocent dogs and animals ! Your a monster !!!!

Despicable. Fauci has lost all credibility with this unnecessary torture. Perhaps he would like to volunteer for his next sick experiment.

Never do anything to anyone or any creature that you would no do to yourself! What if these were your children? What if you were a dog! Which I would call you a dog but that’s an insult to dogs everywhere!

This has to be stopped! Animals don’t deserve to be tortured and killed and make taxpayers pay for this horror!
Nothing even results from this outrageous and unconscionable cruelty!! 😡

I’m not agreed that’s inhuman I have a dog 🐶 m I lov her like my child r u crazy

Our daughter was in a motor vehicle accident years ago, to which she succumbed five years afterward.
During that time, our dogs, Legion, Cosmo, Bernadette, gave us as much support as all our human friends.
After her death, Oliver and Nellie have licked the tears from our eyes and wrapped themselves around our brokenness in a way our friends just couldn’t. They didn’t quite understand our pain like our dogs, for some reason.
Why murder that compassion instead of using Death Row Inmates, for example, who gave nothing to society? I just don’t understand it.
I turned on a dime in regards to Dr Fauci after seeing this lack of compassion and common decency.

What a fu_king degenerate crap weasel Anthony Fauci is. It’s bad enough that he abuses the American public and lies just to make billions off a failed vaccine but to WASTE OVER 400K ON ABUSING INOCENT DOGS is beyond the pale. I hope he burns in he’ll eaten by flies. That is what he deserves.

Stop this ! It’s not right!

Please stop the unnecessary torture of dogs! This is disgusting and sad.

This sick, evil man must be brought to justice.

God have mercy on your soul.

Shame on you! I think you made Covid and brought it to the United State’s as well!

Thank you read my other comints

This cannot go unpunished!

Experimenting on Dog’s or any Animals is totally Unacceptable! It is Inhumane Ancient and completely Unnecessary! This cannot continue and MUST be STOPPED NOW!

This us downright cruel and needs to end.


Just viewed you on FOX Primetime. I support your efforts and will fire off a message to senator Langford and Congressmen Tom Cole. Dr. Fauci is despicable!

I am just wondering whether you have ever objected to animal experimentation (and that goes for everyone who seems outraged at this not-so new news) which has been going on for decades at taxpayers’ expense – it is nothing revolutionary by now for those who have been against it. Dr. Fauci is NOT the only one – he is one of thousands & thousands at government facilities, corporations, pharmaceuticals, FDA, Universities and High Schools, etc.

It is not that these people are just outraged about Fauci it is that they didn’t know that these things were happening until know because it is Fauci it is being presented on the news.

Dump this old fool.

I love our dog..to think a Dr would cause harm to a trusting loving animal is sinful and you have no right to be in any kind of medicine…are we next doc?? Congress, stop this inhumanity

This is unnecessary and cruel in the extreme. It needs to be stopped immediately. Shame on America.

STOP all animal experiments.

I absolutely agree, and I have been fighting it for decades – I hope that focus on only one man will make people realize he’s one of thousands and realize what big business animal cruel and unnecessary experimentation really is.

I am totally sick about this. I have two dogs now but I’ve had dogs all my life and when I see animals being abused in anyway, I call the police or whoever will get them taken care of. Thank You so much for letting us know what is going on.

Thank you for what you do… keep up the great work !

Please stop this cruelty. It’s so disgusting and these tests were already done. Why do them again. Help these poor dogs, please.

No dog deserves this treatment!

The torture of animals for grant dollars and paid for by unsuspecting taxpayers is an abomination we will no longer tolerate… not they were ever did.

If people don’t know this grant money is highly sought-after because portions of these monies go to support the Universities or Agencies and their staff.

The Beagle dog experiment is not only horrible and very disturbing. This needs to STOP NOW. Words cannot express how disturbed but this.

This is So disgusting and disturbing it should never happen

Put this moron behind bars before he kills us all. He is worse then a horror movie

Evil Fauci needs to be investigated for crimes to humanity and to animals!

If he is responsible, he should be punished. NO ANIMAL EXPERIMENTATION. THERE ARE OTHER WAYS. I would like to see that all of these animal abusers are experimented on with their own experiments. That would be justice on these so-called human pieces of SCUM.

NO cruel experimenting on animals!!!

This makes me sick that my tax dollars went to fund this horrible torture of these sweet animals. Fauci is a monster, and so is Biden.

Time to let this little martinet of a doctor be put on trial for crimes against humanity and nature.

This guy is a monster that is why he and Biden get along so well, look at what Biden is doing to the immigrants, infected with covid and other diseases but he doesn’t care, they should both be put in dog cages and infected with diseases, my God what is going on in this country.

Stop using my money to abuse innocent animals. This is animal cruelty and Fauci should be jailed.

Stop it

Please stop these insane people from hurting and killing dogs.

It’s getting way too hard not to hate Fauci. He gets more dispicable by the minute. Genuine rotten sob!

Stop Fauci’s use of dogs for experimental purposes!

Dr. Fauci is human filth, Josef Mengele for 2021 He is guilty of so many crimes I wish him nothing but pain and suffering in his life and a long life at that you pile of shit

Fauci and his iniquitousness must be stopped.. Enough with his disturbing lunacy. Prison for Fauci and none of us should stop until that becomes a reality. How can anymore with any rationale honestly trust Fauci on any matter? What does it take to see his insanity? Why would anyone believe anything he has stated or claimed about the pandemic and the coronavirus? He is pure evilness and will meet his masterSatan when he goes to hell as he will most certainly go one day. Disgusting and he should be in prison . How much blood , how many peoples blood is on is hands ? And how many poor animals blood is on his hands ? Fauci for Prison !!!!!!

agreed it is really ******* wrong and cruel i love animals pleas help me stop this i love animams so it really hurts my ******* heart i mean if you going to expirement on animals do not do the vary cruel and ******* painfull a permeates sorry for the fowl language but i really live animals

I give him (Fauci), the moniker Doctor Faustus. And with very good reason.
Look up the Shakespearean play of the same name.


Dr. Fauci should be locked up for life…. he is a liar and a fake; and what he has done to the American public and now defenseless animals is heinous…. I am appalled that he has been given our taxpayer dollars for evil purposes guised in the name of “science”….. he must be related to the insane Nazi doctor Mengele. Lock him up…. he is an enemy to America.

This is so heartbreaking:( PLEASE ARREST HIM and tape those flies to his….and then let him lay there screaming in pain!!!
GOD forgive me!! I don’t understand how anyone could hurt, or even think of hurting these poor innocent, loving creature that God gave us for companionship and love!!! And the children also!!!!! Soooooooooooooo Innocent and trusting!!! I would hope he will be arrested and prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law and have his license taken away!!!! He and those working with/for him have no hearts and Will answer to OUR CREATOR for the atrocities he is committing against these furbabies and this gov’t for what they are doing to our children!!!!!!
PURE EVIL!!!!!!!!! satan be damned!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you i am on your side intirally it is wrong and down right ******* wrong after the news to day i am on A bit of rampage for those of you whome wants to vote him think twice if you love animals because he is very F*****G evil and cruel and be care fUll of what your taxs go to because some of them go to the cruel experimeans

Just wanted to say this last thing he is A big manipulative and A big fat as liar he is manipulative to decve those whom love animals there’s A nother reason dont F*****G belive him noir do not vote for him

They should put Fauci in that cage. He is not human

In my eyes the jerk should not have a Dr. in front or behind his name. Any human being, abusing any animal is a disgrace to the human race. It discusses me to hear and see those poor babies that were put through so much pain. Us animal lovers feel deeply about how all animals are treated. STOP the ANIMAL abuse it’s just not right.

Let the punishment fit the crime both in terms of the cruel and unnecessary suffering of the innocent animals and the squandering of tax payer dollars

Experiments on animals prove nothing more than a delay in time on any if at all, potential benefit. With so many mofos serving life time sentences, let them be the subjects of all experiments, what’re their lives worth by now? They lost their human rights the moment they committed such crimes.

This is not just Fauci – anyone who objects to this needs to scream at the VA and other US organizations that conduct or fund this type of funding – INSIDE the US not in Wuhan!

Stop Dr. Faucci

I truly do not agree with this type of testing which is inhumane and insensitive to animals. Why not run these types of tests on all those who refuse to get vaccinated against Covid-19 or wear a mask – seems they have some sort of Russian Roulette twisted death wish anyway

Can we do that to this piece of excrement?
I’ve ever hated anyone a much a I do this “person”.
He also took the scalps of aborted black babies and placed them on mice! What the HELL!!!

I am appalled that AnthonyFauci would ever initiate these useless and abusive experiments on any living creature. Shame on him. I resent the fact that hard working Americans are forced to support any type of experimentation on innocent animals.

If this had been a man hurting a child he would hopefully be behind BARS!!!!!!!!!!
Well fuchass the jackass needs to be TRIED FOR CURELITY TO ANIMALS, SOME PEOPLE
HEAR HIS NAME AS HE IS DEAD TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this is the same monster that is pushing the mRNA shot they are trying to force on every human being globally?

The postulates of science from the 1900’s dictate that disease must be replicated in animals. Today, the courts have been ruling more in favor of protecting against this cruelty and more needs to be done. As long as scientists are taught that the torture is worth it to save humans, they will capitulate, like zombies, to that treatment. Science has grown and few treatments need that approach… Never mind the military surgeries on animals and in med schools.


As much as I like Dr. Fauci, I am absolutely dismayed and sickened by this. This animal abuse has to end. Animals and people are not the same. Their bodies are different. And there is NO excuse for this type of torture and cruelty EVER. There are so many other ways to test. For the love of God Dr. Fauci find some compassion and stop this cruelty!



A reckoning is coming! 🙏🏻

Honteux de maltraiter des animaux

Fauci and the Dems that support him should be put through the same hell they put these pusppies through. This is sheer animal abuse. Do they get off watching these puppies being eaten alive? This is not science this barbaric mistreatment of animals, especially babies, as in puppies. Get rid of Fauci and sue the Dem party for this CONTINUED BARBARIC MISTREATMENT OF ANIMAL BABIES. Why do they get away with animal abuse??

President Biden needs to disassociate himself from Dr. Anthony Fauci. He also needs to ask Dr. Fauci and the doctor scientist that have been doing these unspeakable, deranged, and inhumane experiments on dogs, monkeys, rabbits, horses , and other animals since the early 80s for their resignation! President Biden will become a hero and a Guardian Animal Lover!!!

As a Newbie, I am continuously exploring online for articles that can benefit me. Thank you

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