WCW Investigation: Fauci is USA’s Top Spender on Animal Experiments with Human Fetal Tissue

Posted by Amanda Nieves
04 February 2022 | Blog

Close your eyes, and imagine a BLT. It doesn’t matter if you like them or dislike them. It doesn’t matter whether or not you eat meat. Either way, we bet you’re thinking about a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. Right?

We suspect you’re not thinking about “bean, lemon, and tarragon,” or “borscht, liver, and taffy” — and we’re almost certain you’re not thinking about mice being implanted with human Bone marrow, Liver, and Thymus, deliberately infected with diseases, and then dissected, either.

Unfortunately for taxpayers across America, to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), “BLT” means the latter. You’re paying for a lot of BLTs…and we’re definitely not talking about sandwiches.

A new White Coat Waste Project (WCW) investigation has uncovered that the NIH is actively funding over $27 million of research approved to use Human Fetal Tissue, also known as HFT. That $27 million is just the beginning — the NIH expects to spend over $88 million total on HFT this year.

Out of the current $27 million pool, $21.6 million has been disbursed by Dr. Fauci’s department, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). In other words, Dr. Fauci is funding around 80% of current NIH experiments involving HFT.

Bottom line: WCW’s new analysis reveals Fauci is funding more HFT experiments on animals than anyone in the USA. Add in his #BeagleGate experiments, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Human Fetal Tissue

In one NIAID-funded experiment our investigators uncovered, mice were implanted with minced pieces of fetal Bone marrow, Liver, and Thymus to make their bodies mimic the human immune system — or, in the words of the experimenters, “BLT-humanized mice.”

Ew. So much ew.

But the horrors don’t end there. After creating the Franken-mice, experimenters infected them with HIV, decapitated them, and removed their brains.

This ‘research’ has cost taxpayers over $3.6 million since 2016, and $727,806 in 2020.

Human Fetal Tissue

In another Fauci-funded experiment, “mice were constructed by implanting a sandwich of human fetal thymus-liver-thymus tissue,” after which they were also implanted with “two pieces of autologous human lung tissue…implanted subcutaneously into the left and right back.” These “BLT-L” (Bone marrow, Thymus, Liver, Lung) mice were then given bone marrow transplants, and used to study Zika Virus, and respiratory diseases, such as MERS.

In yet another experiment, ‘humanized mice’ were infected with COVID-19.

So let’s say it again: HFT experiments ARE animal experiments.

Human Fetal Tissue

Brace yourself. It gets even worse.

In one of the ‘crappiest’ Fauci-funded experiments we’ve ever discovered, “double humanized” BLT mice “were given fecal transplants with healthy human donor samples via oral gavage.”

In other words, the lab-built mice were force-fed human waste.

Your tax bill? $2.8M.

Human Fetal Tissue

Subcutaneous human lung implant on mouse

Ever wonder what a mice implanted with a human lung looks like? Guess no more:

What many people fail to realize about HFT experiments is that they are almost always animal experiments. HFT is usually implanted into animals (primarily mice). HFT research has led to some extremely dubious creations…like transplanting human fingers onto the backs of mice. Other taxpayer-funded experiments include transplanting eyes, intestines, bones, and other human fetal body parts into mice, rats, and rabbits.

In October of 2019, WCW’s Hidden Horror investigation revealed that NIH research involving HFT cost taxpayers around $100 million/year. 69 lawmakers, outraged at NIH’s misuse of public funds, wrote to then-Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, citing WCW’s research and demanding answers.

Human Fetal Tissue

Human Fetal Tissue

As WCW and Pro-Life San Francisco wrote in an op-ed in 2019:

“Even in this contentious political climate, surely everyone, pro-lifers, animal lovers, Republicans and Democrats, can agree that taxpayers should not be forced to foot the bill for these disgusting human fetal tissue experiments on animals.”

That remains true to this day.

So, too, does the importance of transparency. That’s why we’re working alongside lawmakers to pass the COST Act, which would put a public price tag on all taxpayer-funded animal experiments, and defund rogue labs that don’t comply.

Taxpayers have a right to know who’s paying the bills — and who’s cashing the checks.

Take action! Contact Congress, and tell them to pass the COST Act today!

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