Posted by Arin Greenwood | 04 02 2021

Here it is, in black and white, and smeared in the blood of countless innocent victims: The receipts the Dept. of Justice doesn’t want you to see. These prove DOJ...

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Posted by Arin Greenwood | 29 12 2020

There is no denying that 2020 has been *a year*. But you know what? While so much of 2020 has been a 💩 show—our small and scrappy organization still got...

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Posted by Arin Greenwood | 10 11 2020

Make new friends, but keep the old…so we can work our tails off together to 🛑  the government from spending YOUR money on cruel & wasteful taxpayer-funded animal experiments! With...

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Posted by Arin Greenwood | 26 05 2020

The Department of Justice spends your tax dollars to stab, shoot, burn, and dismember live animals...and they don't want you to know the details. US government live tissue training As...

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Posted by Justin Goodman | 26 10 2019

“[S]tabbing, burning and shooting pigs and goats, and sometimes even dogs....” Is this how you want your money spent? Dem lawmakers criticize training involving "stabbing, burning and shooting" animals

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WCW Closes FDA's Biggest Primate Lab