Posted by Arin Greenwood | 31 08 2020

National Dog Day is our favorite howladay here at WCW. This year, we are thrilled the spotlight’s on the incredible efforts from both sides of the aisle to end taxpayer-funded,...

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Posted by Arin Greenwood | 14 08 2020

🔥🔥"The Veterans Administration is doing things to cats that would land an individual in jail, and you’re paying for it."🔥🔥 That's the first line in the Nevada Current's great story...

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Posted by Arin Greenwood | 13 08 2020

We're not the only ones calling for the FDA to cut red tape and spare puppies, stop waste, and save lives.  We've got the support of powerful, bipartisan members of...

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Posted by Arin Greenwood | 11 08 2020

🚨🚨🚨 A recent White Coat Waste Project investigation revealed the VA is torturing and killing 6-month-old kittens in secretive constipation experiments, and forcing you to pay for it—and now Congress...

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WCW Closes FDA's Biggest Primate Lab