Posted by Amanda Nieves | 10 08 2022

New Bill! Protecting Dogs Subjected to Experiments Act #BeagleGate. Envigo. Coke Hounds. Septic shock. What do these scandals exposed by White Coat Waste Project (WCW) all have in common? They...

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Posted by Amanda Nieves | 08 08 2022

A majority of Americans believe that the pandemic was caused by a lab leak from a dangerous taxpayer-funded animal lab in Wuhan, and 77% of taxpayers want a U.S.-led investigation...

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Posted by Amanda Nieves | 03 08 2022

“Gain of function” (GOF) studies are experiments in which viruses are intentionally engineered by reckless white coats to become more transmissible and more deadly. Experts at the FBI, lawmakers, scientists...

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WCW Closes FDA's Biggest Primate Lab