Posted by Arin Greenwood | 20 01 2021

WCW’s FOIA to Freedom campaign strategy has led to a last-minute pardon that EVERYONE will be very hoppy about: As first reported in the Washington Times, outgoing EPA Administrator Andrew...

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Posted by Arin Greenwood | 23 10 2020

We’ve told the story of how WCW ended taxpayer-funded animal testing at the Environmental Protection Agency, becoming the first agency ever to set a benchmark and timeline for the complete...

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Posted by Justin Goodman | 10 09 2019

As reported by the Associated Press, Washington Post, Washington Examiner and others, at a signing ceremony this morning with White Coat Waste Project (WCW) as one of the invited speakers, the...

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Posted by Justin Goodman | 28 04 2018

White Coat Waste Project, Members of Congress, and influential politicos agree that wasteful air pollution animal tests at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should be relegated to the trash heap of history.  So...

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WCW Closes FDA's Biggest Primate Lab