Posted by Arin Greenwood | 01 12 2020

It's been just a few weeks since the 2020 election ended. A few close races are even yet to be decided. We're thrilled that White Coat Waste Project's top waste...

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Posted by Arin Greenwood | 14 07 2020

The Department of Veterans Affairs has another scandal on its hands: A brand new Inspector General's report finds the agency has been illegally spending your money on wasteful and cruel...

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Posted by Arin Greenwood | 06 07 2020

UPDATE December 29, 2020: The VA's 2021 funding bill has been signed into law! After WCW’s exposé of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ disturbing cat experiments—and our ongoing campaign to...

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Posted by Arin Greenwood | 02 06 2020

We have some furry exciting news for you! 🐶  🐶  🐶  We've just won a federal lawsuit that says we have the right to place ads on city buses in...

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WCW Closes FDA's Biggest Primate Lab