VICTORY! WCW lawsuits compel VA to release details on dog testing

Posted by Daniel Lopez
12 March 2020 | Blog, POW, Transparency

Once again, White Coat Waste Project (WCW) has prevailed in its fight against government secrecy about taxpayer-funded animal experiments! The news was first reported on Bloomberg Law.

In two separate lawsuits filed against the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in 2017, WCW challenged the agency’s refusal to release certain information about its wasteful and cruel experiments on puppies. The cases involved information about how the Cleveland VA was using tax dollars to buy “friendly” puppies and sever their spines, and the Richmond VA gives hounds heart attacks.

In both cases, the judge ruled in WCW’s favor, citing the immense public interest in the issue. The judge shot down the VA’s repeated attempts to keep the information secret, writing, “The controversy over the experiments at McGuire VAMC have captured widespread public attention and generated media coverage.” WCW was represented in both cases by The Law Office of Matthew Strugar.

WCW’s Tax Season 2019 billboard targeting the now-defunct dog testing lab at the Cleveland VA


Because of WCW’s successful efforts to pry loose documents from secretive federal agencies like the VA and expose waste and abuse to the public, media and Congress, in the past several years our campaign against the VA’s dog labs has scored major wins including ending all dog testing at VA facilities in Milwaukee, Los Angeles and Cleveland, ending “maximum pain” tests on dogs at the Richmond VA, and securing a phaseout of VA dog testing by 2025.

Help end all VA dog testing! Contact your lawmakers and tell them to pass the PUPPERS Act!

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This really disturbs me that we’re using our muttons and taxpayer money to torture animals what the hell’s wrong with our American government I do not approve this and I’m sure a lot of people who found out about this don’t approve of it either this is so wrong our pets are for us as pets not to be experiment on and not to have to go through a lot of pain cuz of government thinks I need to do this this includes pigs also


This is disgusting


Please pass the Puppers law

I should not have my money taken from me for these disturbing practices.

These horrifying and unnecessary experiments must end now!!!!

We need to Max pain on the sorry bastard’s that do this what the hell is wrong with these fuckers

End animal abuse free them to rescue preserves

“People” behave as we are in old, dark ages. It shows that torturing/killing sentient beings animals in unethical and failed towards humans for at least 95%, and they still insist in the XXI to use the so outdated methods of testing, since in 2020, there are so many new, ethical tests that spare animals. Why, then to insist on testing in animals? Maybe: “Money talk and people walk away”

Stop testing Dogs that are pets and animals that will carry diseases and spread to folks!

This is disgusting and cruel and should be stopped now and forever

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