BUSTED By WCW: Tax-Funded Duke U Cat Abusers Violated Fed Law

01 August 2023 | Blog

Americans might not agree on everything, but virtually all of us agree that cats, dogs, and other pets are beloved members of the family who should be protected from abuse.

So, it’s especially sickening that the government is still forcing us to pay for cats to be tortured, killed, and incinerated in wasteful experiments.

We’re leading the charge to confront and cut this CAT-astrophic waste, from defunding the USDA’s kitten slaughterhouse, to cutting Putin’s cruel treadmill experiments on cats, to ending the VA’s painful cat tests and retiring survivors.

In all, there are nearly 20,000 kittens and cats still locked in US labs, so there’s plenty more waste to cut, and we’re forging ahead!

We’ve just filed a federal complaint against white coats at Duke University who’ve wasted millions of our tax dollars to maim and kill cats in painful experiments and broken federal law in the process.

Duke University Cat Abusers

These are descriptions of Duke’s taxpayer-funded cat abuse in the white coats’ own words.

Our investigators have uncovered that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has shipped over $6.1 million since 2013 to a Duke lab for experiments that include deadly and wasteful tests on dozens of cats.

Duke’s disturbing taxpayer-funded cat experiments include: 

  • TRACHEOTOMY: First, the white coats will puncture holes into the cat’s throat. She’ll no longer be able to breathe on her own, and will be hooked up to a respirator. 
  • PAINFUL SURGERY: Next, they will surgically implant electrodes into her small, feeble body. 
  • ELECTRIC SHOCKS: Then, the experimenters will send electric shocks to her internal organs. She will lose all control of her bowels.  
  • NO SURVIVORS: If she doesn’t die from a botched surgery, negligence or abuse, the white coats will kill and dissect her anyway… it’s standard operating procedure. 

Duke white coats even admit how wasteful these cruel cat experiments are: almost 1/3 of the cats abused had to be excluded from one Duke study because experimenters misused anesthetics, misplaced electrodes, or otherwise botched procedures.

Duke University Cat Abusers

We’ve also discovered that Duke’s wasteful white coats violated long-standing federal law by failing to publicly disclose how much taxpayer funding they spent on these abusive cat experiments.

The good news is that taxpayer support for this project is scheduled to end on July 31, so we’re urging Congress and the NIH not to renew this rogue lab’s funding.  

We’ve filed a complaint calling for Duke’s cat lab to be investigated and defunded. You can read more details in our complaint below.

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I totally agree with Helena. Stop this stupid, evil torture of captured and tortured animals.

I Agree with Millions of other people-the cruelty on these Animals is Totally Senseless & Unforgivable-Not to mention a Waste of Taxpayers Money!! STOP IT NOW!!

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