VICTORY: Congress Votes To Defund Painful V.A. Dog Experiments

Posted by Justin Goodman
26 July 2017 | Featured, Newsworthy

Just two days after yet another Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) whistleblower came forward with evidence of dog abuse and waste in a VA dog laboratory, Congress has unanimously passed a WCW-supported bipartisan amendment that defunds painful taxpayer-funded dog experiments at the VA. The amendment is part of a federal spending package that is expected to pass the House this week. The bill will then be taken up by the Senate. The Washington ExaminerDaily Caller, WRIC, Virginia Public Radio, and others covered the big development. 

The defund amendment–which was prompted by WCW’s exposés of VA dog labs in Cleveland, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Richmond–was introduced by Reps. Dave Brat (R-VA) and Dina Titus (D-NV) and was co-sponsored by Reps. Ro Khanna (D-CA), Ted Lieu (D-CA), Brian Mast (R-FL) and Ted Poe (R-TX).

Watch Rep. Brat’s compelling testimony below and read his media statement:

In a statement, White Coat Waste president Anthony Bellotti told reporters:

We applaud Reps. Brat and Titus and the House of Representatives for taking bold, bipartisan action to defund nightmarish dog abuse and restore accountability at the VA. Liberty-lovers, animal-lovers, soldiers and veterans across the country are sick and tired of being forced to pay for painful, noncompliant and wasteful VA experiments on puppies that were exposed by White Coat Waste Project. We’ll continue working with Congress to get this bill to the President’s desk and to pass the PUPPERS Act to end the VA’s painful taxpayer-funded dog experiments for good.

The amendment language–which if signed into law would apply for 2018–is similar to the PUPPERS Act, a bipartisan standalone Reps. Brat and Titus introduced earlier this month to permanently end taxpayer-funded dog experiments at the VA.

Now that the House of Representatives has voted to defund VA dog experiments, urge your Congress members to support the PUPPERS Act to permanently end taxpayer funding for painful dog experiments at the V.A. Click below to send a personalized email.

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Please support PUPPERS Act! Help us end these wasteful, painful and unnecessary experiments. Please use my tax dollars to help Veterans in a meaningful, not harmful way. Thank you for your support in doing the right thing!

Please defund these wasteful, pointless and cruel experiments.

End dog testing please!

NO REDEEMING VALUE!!!! Useless!!! Antiquated!!! Not applicable to humans. No one wants innocent animals experimented on! SO abusive, barbaric and inhumane. TOTAL SUPER WASTE OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS!!!





Close down cruel dog experiments, but please keep and ad to very much needed V.A. patient Service dog / Therapy dog assistance programs for veterans across the country.

Thank you

Please help this bill to become law. We are wasting our time experimenting on animals. And we are being cruel when we do so. thanks.

Best news I have heard all year. God bless our Congress. ALL animal testing, at tax payer expense, needs to be stopped ! Thank you!

Thank goodness we are finally getting somewhere on this despicable practice!

Bipartisan work. Bravo. Proves positive hunane action, and all are applauded. Congress: stop judgement on transgenders, women, and ethnicities. Focus on humane actions to all life, and climate control, clean water and air, and our natural resources.

Thanks, let them live, Please

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