VA’s Painful Dog Tests “Slow to a Near-End”

Posted by Daniel Lopez
25 June 2019 | Blog

In 2016, White Coat Waste Project was the first organization to expose wasteful and cruel experiments on dogs at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and launch a campaign to defund it. Now, the embattled program is on its last legs, with a new report stating that, “VA’s taxpayer-funded dog experiments slow to a near-end” and Congress just voting to cut all funding for this waste and abuse.

Following nearly 3 years of WCW grassroots advocacy, lobbying and exposés, there are fewer dog experiments at the VA than any time in recent history. Thanks to WCW’s efforts and veterans’ advocacy, Congress and the President have drastically restricted funding for VA dog testing, and we’ve seen historic progress to shut down this waste and abuse including:

  • Los Angeles: In 2017, the LA VA shut down horrific taxpayer-funded narcolepsy and methamphetamine tests on Dobermans in 2017 and has since ended all dog testing.
  • Milwaukee: Since November 2018, the Milwaukee VA’s experiment involving drilling into beagles’ heads has been inactive, it has not received any 2019 funding, and according to the VA, it is unlikely to resume. In 2018, several other proposed VA dog tests were canceled before they started after pressure from WCW, Congress and then-VA Secretary David Shulkin.
  • Cleveland: The Cleveland VA’s deadly spinal cord experiments on hound puppies have been permanently ended. Documents obtained by WCW show that April 2019 marked the facility’s last scheduled dog delivery, and the project’s funding has expired.

Now, only one VA facility–in Richmond, Virginia–is still actively doing painful heart attack experiments on dogs, and the VA recently announced it is investing $2 million to develop alternatives to dog use for these tests.

Whistleblower photos of dogs abused in the Richmond VA’s “maximum pain” heart attack experiments


Congress is taking bold steps to end this waste and abuse for good. The House of Representatives just passed the 2020 VA funding bill which cuts all taxpayer funding for painful VA dog testing. Additionally, the PUPPERS Act to permanently stop VA dog testing has the support of 109 bipartisan cosponsors, including 17 military veterans serving in Congress.

Please urge your Members of Congress to cosponsor the bipartisan PUPPERS Act (HR 1155) to permanently cut federal funding for all painful VA dog experiments!

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Stop killing puppies please!!!!!!Karma will come to come to you some day! Stop it now please!

Please stop using animals in experiments!

Stop the Richman VA experiments !!!!

Stop the Richman VA experiments also!!!

My father, who was a veteran of World War 2, and fought to protect the liberty of our country and all its values, would be appalled at the treatment of animals today. This is not what he fought for. His sacrifices should be honored by humane treatment of the animals he loved.

If you can rationalize this testing on voiceless animals you are only one step away from rationalizing genetic tests on aborted babies. They have no voice either. There are ulternative methods today that don’t require live animals. There is no excuse for what you do.

End this cruel & barbaric torture of innocent animals NOW

It is time to put an end to all of these barbaric practices. These beautiful souls deserve better!!!

It is time to stop ALL the barbaric testing. These beautiful souls deserve better!


Please doall you can to stop these disgusting, unnecessary inhumane experiments.

There is NO REASON for these “experiments” – it’s medieval and barbaric. It’s torture and the “scientists” are sadists. These beautiful animals deserve better – adopt out the survivors and terminate this program one and for all.

How can a dog torturer live with himself? Cease all experimentation on domesticated animals, now.

This horror is absolutely senseless!!!

Stop all animal cruelty, respect life!

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