Rule of 3: Georgia Joins States Calling for Wuhan Animal Lab Investigation

02 March 2023 | Blog

Taxpayers across the nation are rising up and demanding to know whether NIH-funded white coats in Wuhan wasted our hard-earned money on reckless animal experiments that sparked a devastating pandemic.

WCW-friendly state lawmakers in Maine and Texas have recently gone to bat for their constituents and urged the feds to investigate what happened in Wuhan.

Now, Georgia is getting in on the action. A coalition led by State Sen. Colton Moore (R) has introduced a resolution urging U.S. Congress to investigate whether animal experiments in Wuhan sparked the pandemic. 

Sen. Moore’s WCW-backed resolution reads, in part:

As the first organization to exposeand cuttaxpayer funding for gain-of-function experiments at the Wuhan animal lab, we applaud Sen. Moore for his leadership.

The legislation is especially timely. It comes just days after the Department of Energy, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and former WH pandemic response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx all publicly stated that they believe a lab leak in Wuhan sparked COVID.

The U.S. Senate also just voted unanimously to declassify COVID origins intelligence and the House has a COVID origins hearing next week.

Maine, Texas, and now Georgia. Sounds like a taxpayer revolt to us.

Since early 2020, we have been urging the White House and Congress—and working directlywith federal lawmakers—to secure an investigation into what happened in Wuhan and to permanently defund the Wuhan lab. Americans are sick and tired of being forced to foot the bill for dangerous, cruel, and wasteful animal experiments at home and abroad.

It’s time for answers and accountability.

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