HISTORIC VICTORY: VA Ends Last Active Dog Tests Following WCW Campaign

Posted by Amanda Nieves
02 November 2022 | Blog, Dogs, Featured, VA, Victories

In November 2016—almost exactly six years ago—White Coat Waste Project (WCW) released its first major investigation called “Spending to Death.” In the groundbreaking report, we exposed how government agencies were wasting millions of tax dollars to abuse puppies and dogs in painful and outdated experiments.

We soon launched the first-ever national campaign to defund dog testing at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). We set our sights on the VA because it was experimenting on hundreds of beagles and other dogs at agency labs across the country and was doing the most painful dog tests in the entire federal government.

Actual photo obtained by WCW via a Richmond lab whistleblower who exposed botched surgeries and dogs forced to run on treadmills in heart attack tests.

Since then–with the support of Congress, veterans and whistleblowers–we’ve been steadily knocking out the VA’s deadly (even illegal!) dog labs. WCW shut down the VA’s wasteful spending to inject latex into puppies’ arteries, drill holes into beagles’ skulls, collapse the lungs of “friendly” dogs, cut out living dogs’ hearts, inject Dobermans with methamphetamines, and force hounds to run on treadmills in heart attack tests.

Now, we’ve obtained documents confirming that following WCW’s six years of relentless campaigning, lobbying, lawsuits, and investigations, the VA has ended painful dog experiments at its Richmond, Virginia lab, the agency’s final holdout. 

WCW’s campaign to shut down VA dog testing has been one of historic firsts, including:

In 2016, when our effort started, the VA abused nearly 220 dogs in experiments. Now, zero dogs are being tormented in painful and deadly VA testing, and we’re going to work to keep it that way and extend the progress to other federal agencies (hear that, NIH?).

WCW is the only organization to shut down any government dog tests in at least 15 years, and we’ve wiped them out across an entire agency!

Watch the blog for a deeper dive into the work we did to find, expose and defund the VA’s wasteful dog testing.

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Cats, primates & other species are still vulnerable at the VA. Meanwhile, the recalcitrant VA institution has repeatedly defied the laws & obstructed transparency. Constant vigilance is the only way forward.

Absolutely disgusting and cruelty

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