HISTORIC VICTORY: VA Ends Last Active Dog Tests Following WCW Campaign

Posted by Amanda Nieves
02 November 2022 | Blog, Dogs, Featured, VA, Victories


  • Victory: White Coat Waste Project (WCW) shut down the final lab at the Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) that was doing painful tests on dogs. It’s the end of VA dog testing as we know it.
  • This Richmond lab injected latex into puppies’ arteries, forced them to run on treadmills, and surgically induced heart attacks. No pain relief. No anesthesia.
  • When WCW launched this campaign, 220 dogs were abused annually across VA labs, including 111 in the U.S. government’s most painful experiments. Now, no dogs are being abused in painful VA experiments.
  • This is the 1st time in American history that dog testing has been shuttered across an entire federal agency.
  • Since 2007—for the better part of a generation—no other group has shut down any federal dog labs at all.

In November 2016—almost exactly six years ago—White Coat Waste Project (WCW) released its first major investigation called “Spending to Death.” In the groundbreaking report, we exposed how government agencies were wasting millions of tax dollars to abuse puppies and dogs in painful and outdated experiments.

We soon launched the first-ever national campaign to defund dog testing at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). We set our sights on the VA because it was experimenting on hundreds of beagles and other dogs at agency labs across the country and was doing the most painful dog tests in the entire federal government.

Actual photo obtained by WCW via a Richmond lab whistleblower who exposed botched surgeries and dogs forced to run on treadmills in heart attack tests.

Since then–with the support of Congress, veterans and whistleblowers–we’ve been steadily knocking out the VA’s deadly (even illegal!) dog labs. WCW shut down the VA’s wasteful spending to inject latex into puppies’ arteries, drill holes into beagles’ skulls, collapse the lungs of “friendly” dogs, cut out living dogs’ hearts, inject Dobermans with methamphetamines, and force hounds to run on treadmills in heart attack tests.

Now, we’ve obtained documents confirming that following WCW’s six years of relentless campaigning, lobbying, lawsuits, and investigations, the VA has ended painful dog experiments at its Richmond, Virginia lab, the agency’s final holdout. 

WCW’s campaign to shut down VA dog testing has been one of historic firsts, including:

In 2016, when our effort started, the VA abused nearly 220 dogs in experiments. Now, zero dogs are being tormented in painful and deadly VA testing, and we’re going to work to keep it that way and extend the progress to other federal agencies (hear that, NIH?).

WCW is the only organization to shut down any government dog tests in nearly 20 years, and we’ve wiped them out across an entire agency!

Watch the blog for a deeper dive into the work we did to find, expose and defund the VA’s wasteful dog testing.

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Cats, primates & other species are still vulnerable at the VA. Meanwhile, the recalcitrant VA institution has repeatedly defied the laws & obstructed transparency. Constant vigilance is the only way forward.

I am trying to make a donation to the cause to help save the monkeys ,but am unable.I think because it comes up $ not £ any help to make a donation would be most appreciated,thank you

Absolutely disgusting and cruelty

Repulsive absolutely sickening I’m crying my eyes so I hate animal abuse I say all the time I think daily I would much rather be with animals than most humans on a daily

Animals are NOT humans and should not be compared to humans in any test. I believe the people that performed such testing need to be “tested” to see if they are human. To do something that would purposely cause pain to an animal leads me to believe they are not.

About time someone is listening to us.

Es ist grauenvoll mitanzusehen, wie hilflos ausgelieferte Tiere in Laboren leiden müssen und getötet werden. Das muss aufhören, denn oft ist das nicht notwendig und es gibt Alternativen, die man ausschöpfen muss. Was sind das für Menschen, die das Leid der Armen Tiere mitansehen können … haben die kein Herz und Mitleid für ein armes Tier …. Stop


My heart is broken.

Disgusting and cruel they deserve a loving home

Why is man so cruel


Stop die grausamen Experimente an tieren … es ist grauenvoll … es gibt Alternativen … was für brutale Menschen, die hilflose Tiere so quälen … Stop das Grauen endlich …

Testing in a Cleveland OH ceased? If so, when? I was trying to do a search but can’t find a @search” option

When So horrific that you want to throw up that’s how I feel the people that do this to animals are Sadistic I thank you for what you do please stop this from happening everywhere in this country it’s cruel and heartless thank you for everything

Proves nothing in the way of helping humans , it just makes the dogs sick and depressed and die. What a disgrace and how disgusting and cruel. No animal should be in this wicked situation so stop it now !!!!!

God Bless You!

Stop this animal abuse and cruelty. Dear God please comfort and protect them from harm and bless them with loving homes I pray

Evil !!! Stop it and protect!!!

What they did to the dogs, cats, etc. was HORRIBLE!!!
These people should be ashamed of themselves!!! And it was criminal!!

There is still more. Work to be done on this tragic act

Thank You For Stopping The Killing Of Animals!!!

Thank goodness these sadistic excuses for human beings r being shut down!!

Yes I agree close the facilities of animals testing you white coat doctors need to be tested just like you test these animals and let us know how it feels to be tested

Don’t understand people that perform these horrific acts on living animals. Cold blooded torture 😫. Breaks my heart.. What goes around comes around. Jesus is love 🙏🏾❤

Thank you for exposing how evil and cold hearted these white coats are.

It’s evil and abuse of the most loving animals and wasting our taxpayers money!!! NEVER, NEVER should this abuse happen ever again!!

Wrong let’s work on them losers hate animal abuse that’s what is going on everywhere…we r living in hell and those who do them things will rott in hell 4 ever…

Thank You so Much for ending this Horrific act!!! Not giving up and Fighting for their rights! I am so happy to hear this! Now we have to work on Kittens and Monkeys! 🙏😇🥰

Prosecute Fauci.

Thank you save those precious Beagles Amen

It made my stomach upside down and hurt me when I have learn that this disgusting practice was going on for years and still Is in the world. Very evil practice. Evil doers, evil government, pure evil there is no other way to describe. All involved doing this evil practice to innocent animals with all the feelings as humans are to me sons and daughters of evil from hell. Let me tell you each of them will have to answer to God. Beloved animals were created with love not to torture this way. They must be treated with love and compassion. And the evil torture was and being practice with our tax money.Shame on them. Thank you to the heroes White Coat Waste Project. God bless you all.

These precious innocent victims have never hurt you 😭🐕😭🐕😭🐕🐇🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❣️
Have a peaceful night (NOT)

Stop it

Stop it now

This disgusting!! This must STOP!! I will never understand anyone who is cruel to animal’s in any way! They are not here for man to torture!! They need love and compassiin just like you! Every animal abuser WILL answer to the cruelty they do to animal’s one day!! How would you like this treatment!!?? This must be stopped now!!

This must stop! This is soooo sad! These dogs have a right to a loving life just as you do! Every abuser ,torturor will answer to this abuse one day!

Crudity at its worst close this place and jail anyone associated with it


So horrible, sad and completely wrong! Stop this insanity!

How do you people sleep at night ????????

So glad this lab was exposed and closed

That’s so cruel to treat dogs I like that let’s do that to humans..they are so special in God’s eyes..and 4 the people who do that shit will never make it to heaven….period

You are making your reservations in God’s special hell for mistreating gods innocent creatures!

It is good that you are making progress in keeping dogs from being used as test subjects in inhumane and cruel ways. No animal should be harmed or abused ever. Same goes for using animals for testing cosmetics as well. Many cosmetics are not even safe for humans. Again, thank you for the progress you are making in ceasing this horrific injustice to helpless animals. They all deserve better.

Please eliminate the need for the cruel abuse of testing animals under the auspices of medical tests. We can and NEED to do better. Do better!

My stomach turns over and my heart is torn apart seeing these precious babies treated in immoral and evil ways!!! Give the animals a loving home!

I just can’t fathom people who will actually knowingly torture animals. His is as cruel as you can get. Thu Han k God for WCW for doing everything in their power to end this barbaric torture. May Fauci, Musk and all the others that profit from this have a miserable life!!!

Thank you for your work to stop the murdering/testing of animals

Stop die brutalen Labortests an Beagles … was sind das nur für herzlose Menschen, die ein Tier so leiden sehen und am Ende töten … hilflos ausgeliefert … schrecklich … viele Tests sind nicht nötig und sinnlos … Alternativen sin die Zukunft … irgendwann wir sich das alles rächen … ich frage mich, was sind das für Menschen, die nach diesen schrecklichen Tierversuchen ruhig schlafen können …

Stop die schrecklichen Experimente an Tieren

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